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After months of work getting the premises at 5 Wightman Road ready, Kevin Vanthem and his team this morning opened Cafe Moka for a trial run. 

I popped in to say hi and see how things were going. I was impressed. Kevin and his team have done a great job with the place. I love the eclectic retro look and feel. People seemed to be coming in and naturally drifting towards the kitchen to say hi and then easily falling in to conversation with one another. It feels like Moka has the potential to become a truly local hub (and we're promised top-notch wifi soon too).

Whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to meet HoLers James and Lindsay (pictured below, in the garden) and Osbawn. I also met Sam (yet to discover HoL) whose family has lived on Wightman for the past 40 years, between globe-trotting.

Below is a preview. Do pop along say hi to Kevin, his partner, his mum and the team and try a coffee. They were hard at work making a tart when I left. So I guess that should be ready about now. Mmmm......

(By the way, I learned today that as well as being the name borne by an illustrious Soho forbear and a style of coffee, Moka is also a place in Mauritiusclose to where Kevin's family is from).


Kevin and his mum, Indira


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I was there this morning and can attest that the pain au chocolat are great and Kevin and the team are extremely nice.

I love the green upholstered chairs in the 4th picture down. I might have to ask where they got them from!

good luck to you all for a new venture.  Hope to come and visit
Harringay too, right?
That's beautiful. I shall pop in soon.

It looks great, thank you for posting the pictures I'll make sure I pop in.

So was it just a trial for today or will it be open all the time? 

Great. The plan is to open properly, as it were, next weekend.
Agreed, they have done a fantastic job with the place. The tart was ready and delicious by the time I popped in.

the garden looks nice - is that the finsbury park end? or the turnpike lane end?


Just by Harringay station.
Looks great. Very stylish. Like nothing else east of the tracks.
Have you ever been to Marmalade in Lordship Lane, near Bruce Castle Park?  Great quiches, home-made cakes and good coffee, in TOTTENHAM!

It's wonderful, no doubt. Kevin's got a sense of style and obviously not going to let the Moka fail. My mornings are made now: I can have me porridge at home, wander over when the rest of you have buggered off to work, pick up me Irish Times next door, then lounge over coffee breakfast till Kevin throws me out or the yummy mummy baby-buggy brigade invade. Now if Kevin could just incorporate a Wightman branch of Stroud Green Library and a W1 bus stop, I wouldn't have to go hillwalking to Stapleton HR ever again.

Great pictures, H.



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