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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Blend owners Linda and Steve were in shock as their new cafe filled up and queues developed at the counter and more people kept coming in.

"We weren't expecting this". Linda told me. "Thank goodness our other halves came in to help!"

All the customers I spoke to reported great coffee and delicious cakes (all the cakes were free today!!). I'll second that. Loved the coffee, loved the cheesecake.

I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. It was wonderful seeing the opening being such a success and I very much hope that this is a taste of things to come and we have a busy new community hub down on the Lanes to add to the great places we already have. 

As you'd expect a few pics from me below - and ooh yes, my photo exhibition is going up tonight. So please pop in, support your new local cafe and have a look at some local pics.



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Another nice pic from Annie Hall:

Love it, love it, love it. Just what I needed, just where I needed it. Can't wait until they serve breakfast too.

I thought that was you Jessica! We've corresponded but I've haven't actually met you yet.

I was sat at a table next to the counter admiring your nails whilst you where queuing. 

Just what Green Lanes has been waiting for! Great coffee, delicious cakes, fantastic atmosphere & Über stylish. I'm definitely going to be a regular.

Yum!  Loving the gluten free options.  Where is this?

On Green Lanes between Allison and Beresford.

What? I missed the free cakes?

Very decent coffee prices too - I paid three quid at the National Gallery today and had to wait twenty minutes for my cappuccino.

It's £1.40 for a good cappuccino in Pueblito Paisa over Seven Sisters tube. Just sayin'.

Worth knowing - thanks for the tip!

Looks fabulous - can't wait to pay a visit!

LOVE the nails, Jess :D

BUT they said on the door they weren't opening till MIDNIGHT!  I've been on a food & liquid fast all day, not wishing to mess up my palate/pallet/palette. That's it, Blend - you've lost a customer.

hm which midnight was it? Last night's?

Thanks everyone for coming down, and thanks Hugh for taking these great pictures. We are overwhelmed by the turnout today and so happy to see the place fill with people and come to life. Tomorrow we have more homemade cakes & pastries as well as a small brunch menu, and look forward to meeting more of you!

Also, Hugh's pictures are up now, a great representation of our lovely neighbourhood. 



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