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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

By-election candidate discribes Harringay/N8 as being "in the heart of Tottenham!"

A by-election candidate in the Seven Sisters, who lives in Falklands Road N8, describes himself as living in the "heart of Tottenham!". I've not started this discussion for political knockabout, but would you Harringayers agree with this bizarre statement? Perhaps he doesn't know where he lives? Some would say he's misleading the good people of N15 and N4 (his address on the ballot paper is X, Falkland Road, off Green Lanes, Tottenham, N8). As most of you will know who I'm talking about and that this person actually stood for Harringay Ward (and lost!) in 2006, did he claim to be "in the heart of Tottenham" then?

What next? Perhaps he'll start a campaign to change the Harringey N8 postcode to N15? (-:

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No idea why someone would state something that is so obviously balderdash which all his voters would be likely to know. Fair to claim that Harringay is at the centre of Haringey, but it has never been at the centre of Tottenham, either geographically or in any other sense. In fact half of it used to be in the old borough of Hornsey.

Which candidate?
Since you ask, Hugh, David Schmitz (LD)
Of course Justin wouldn't be into political knockabout so early in the new year, but if he's so concerned for our independence from Tottenham why the curious spelling of "Harringey N8"?
I take it that David's 'heart of Tottenham' claim is no more bizarre than those 'at the heart of Europe' claims trotted out occasionally by Blair, Brown, Cameron et al, though most Anglo-Britons think Europe is a planet east of Pluto. Tottenham and Seven Sisters are not quite so oriental.
Anyway it seems to me that a resident of Calle de las Malvinas can be praised, not blamed, for taking the wider, less parochial, more 'liberal' view of the world in his election literature.
My apologies for the mis-spelling of Haringey - a very simple error when typing. If you are happy living in the "heart of Tottenham", then that's fine by me. Not sure everyone would agree with you, though (-:
We're as much part of Tottenham N8/N4 as we are of Crouch End, Stroud Green or Hornsey N8/N4.

It's common for people to move the borders to suit themselves (usually estate agents), as far as I am concerned I live in Harringay, Not Tottenham or Crouch End
Traditionally being more of an east of the borough sort of place rather than the more up market 'west end' , we share many of the problems that Tottenham experiences and so it would be fair to say that anyone from this area would share some understanding of what it is like to live in Tottenham. So perhaps it is a short hand way of conveying that he is in tune with the electorate (she says generously)

But no, I would have to agree with Hugh that we have our own identity, over a century of our own history and any historical search of Tottenham rarely throws up anything about this neck of the woods although a search for Hornsey does if you go back to the early 19th/late 18th century as I am often to be found doing :)

(welcome back btw Justin, nice to hear from you! When are getting going on your blog again?)
It seems that 'being Tottenham' is crucial reading this article. The lib dem candidate lives off 'Green Lanes, Tottenham' (eh? Not even admitting to the Ladder now).
Somebody should tell Mr Schmitz, 'when in a hole..."
Perhaps using parts of the anatomy doesn't work politically....it just doesn't sound the same to say that one is in the lower thigh, or groin area of Tottenham. (though I have heard anatomical terms prosaically used to describe some politicians!)
Well maybe he wanted to say "In the heart of Haringey" but:
a. It looked like pedantry - Harringay, in the heart of Haringey.
b. Haringey does not have such a good name at the moment.

I think there are far worse crimes being committed.



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