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For a few days now I've suspected something was afoot with Turnpike Lane's Banksy; it's been surrounded by scaffolding and tarpaulin since Wednesday - and there was a security van present for much of that time.

This morning I had a sneaky look under said tarpaulin to find it had been removed. I spoke to the guy rendering the wall and he said that after repeated attempts to gouge it out, the owner of the Poundland building had decided to take steps to 'preserve' it. He wasn't sure where it's gone...one can only wonder if it's been sold. Sad to see it go - it was nice to have a landmark of sorts...

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A million copies for a pound

That's sad and disappointing. I know it was on private property but I always felt it was 'our' Banksy. My husband took a really good photo of it before the plastic was put around it and we have it framed in our wall. I will miss walking past it everyday.

I have a picture of this when it was newly done and all the bunting was still up.  

Can someone please post a pic of the before?

The thieving scum. It was produced to highlight Poundland's use of practically slave labour to produce their crap and now they've torn it down to cash in on that too. Vile. 

I saw it as a comment on the money spent on the Jubilee celebrations, not against Poundland. And I doubt that Poundland own the building.

Starting bid; $400,000 (?) Looks like the owner of the building (who would have had this Banksy taken down) has sold it on, as the seller on the auction site is currently selling another banksy. Art dealer?

so agree Stan people are so, how you say, jump to a conclusion, generally the wrong one

If being bummed out about interesting street art being removed is middle class and angsty, I'm happy to be tarred with that brush.

we got 6 days to save this as once the auction ends, then its gone... they need to take it off auction!! Fudging cheek!! Im sooooo mad!



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