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I've heard some shocking stories of people having to flee for their lives, just grabbing their kids and running out in their nightclothes taking nothing. Does anyone know what is being done for these poor people, or if a fund has been set up to help them?

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That's right - this is what's on the Guardian website:

2.50pm: Haringey council has set up a service to help those made homeless by the riots at the weekend in the borough. Those needing help with housing should call 07792 437519 , and anyone wishing to help by donating materials such as bedding and clothes can do so at the south Tottenham council offices at Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5PQ.

Did they mention food?

No, but I didn't ask.  They may well be taking non-perishable foodstuff.


Wouldn't there be parking in Wickes?  I'm sure the store would be eager to do its bit for the community after all the problems they generate for us!  It might make amends in some way.

Cool, I'll take a few bits and pieces along in any case.

Hi everyone

Just took Julie's advice and phoned the EPT

They are taking food and pretty much anything that people think is suitable. They didn't know about the parking but Julie's seems like a reasonable suggestion if you're just dropping off.

With regard to cash donations, if you call the number above and ask for emergency planning, they will take a note of your pledges of money.

p.s. Hope you don't mind Maddy but I've taken the liberty of editing the title of your post for clarity


I'm told that the Council's website will shortly have this information posted. There's a Housing Advice emergency number posted: 07792 437 519.  I've requested that a factual bulletin is posted on this thread.

But as I'm sure people will appreciate, the primary task for Council staff is trying to assist people most directly affected.

In my thankfully limited experience, the service provided by Haringey's Emergency Planning is something the Council does very well.

No Liz, that's great - it's wonderful to see that everyone wants to help. I'll certainly donate something. I feel so bad for those poor homeless people, never mind the trauma they've been through.
I can probably dig out some toys, clothes, cans of food, maybe even some unused (obviously) toiletries, but being the day before the monthly shop is delivered the cupboards are looking a little bare. Only thing is I don't drive, so if anyone lives in the vicinity of Seymour Road that is going to drive there and doesn't mind going via mine on the way ... ?
Just got back from Apex House - they said that they were particularly in need of men's clothing at this stage.

Hi everyone. I've got a spare sinlge futon mattress, a double duvet with cover and loadsa women's clothes and shoes (fairly random) and toiletries and books (non-essential, i know, but maybe a comfort). Problem is I don't drive. Is anyone able to pick 'em up and slog 'em to Apex House for me, please? I'm near Harringay Green Lanes overland. I'm very flexible on time.



BBC News just said 27 families burned out. Is that right?
I heard 30 but not all families.



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