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I've heard some shocking stories of people having to flee for their lives, just grabbing their kids and running out in their nightclothes taking nothing. Does anyone know what is being done for these poor people, or if a fund has been set up to help them?

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I think the council may be utilizing Tottenham Green Leisure Centre for the families that haven't got friends or relatives to stay with. But I'm not sure and that would only be temporary. I do not understand why the Coop building was torched. There were 30 apartments above Carpet Right.
Osbawn, I could not have said it better myself!!! Anyone involved in this should have their benefits cut and funds diverted to the families affected.
Hear hear. Brilliant idea.
Hope you don't mind - I just posted your comment on my facebook page
Hope you don't mind - I just posted your comment on my facebook page
Just been talking to Vix. There are meetings with council officers and local families taking place now, including her. I've asked her to pass the message on that HOL people would like to help and to let us know asap what we can do.

How many flats were above Allied Carpets in Tottenham that burnt down?


I heard thirty?  Is that correct?


It's terrible whatever the number anyway.

The council has set up a facility at Apex House.  They're asking for bedding, towels, clothes, toys and any other material donations to be taken there.  There's an emergency line at the council for further details.  


They're still setting up a system of cash donations, but it should be possible soon.

Thanks Julie

Apex house is at 820 Seven Sisters Road.

Have you got the number for the emergency line to hand? Please let us know when the cash donations system is ready.

I called the main switchboard (0208 489 0000)and asked for the emergency planning team.  Although they're not based at Apex House themselves, they said that's where I should take my stuff, and they said, 'All donations gratefully received.'

Will they be lifting parking restrictions a mile either side of Apex house so people can drop things off?

Thanks Julie. 

@alex guess that's a question for the EPT?



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