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Please please help if you can.
Tonight our flat was broken in to.
We had a brand new bike stollen, as well as a lot of irreplaceable vintage jewellery. The reason I'm posting is because one item in particular was bought by my grandfather who sadly passed away before I was born. When I turned 18 it was handed down to me by my granny. The watch means so much to me and I'm totally devastated. If anyone on here knows any jewellery dealers or someone who could be approached and offered this item to buy, please ask them to keep an eye open, and if they hear anything, to call the police. The watch is by Jaeger lecoultre and is gold. Please see picture if my granny wearing it.
As well as the watch there were two gold horse shoe necklaces- one with diamonds. 1 pair of horse shoe earrings, 2 letter 'E' necklaces and a vintage gold charm bracelet. My boyfriends bike is by Cannondale and is black and white.
Please please help if you can.
Thank you so much in advance.

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Sorry to hear this Emily - you must feel awful.

There's no picture attached.
Having difficulty uploading photo... Here is attempt two.
I lost my grand dad's ring in a crouch end robbery, I feel for you, sadly these days the truth is anything not hidden like Anne Frank is an accident waiting to happen. I've even got my passport hidden in a false wall these days. Someone tried to screwdriver my wood green door open just a few weeks ago and we had a robbery opposite this week and one a few doors down very recently. Oddily nothing for 15 years, now the road is getting hit like Baghdad.

Keep and eye on gum tree, ebay and a local pawn shops and you might have some luck.

That's horrible Emily. You might want to contact the high end jewelers in bond street and hatton garden, maybe spend an afternoon strolling around these shops asking around and showing the photo. high end jewelry trade is a small world. Chances are this item will have already been sold. Hope this helps and good luck.

What a lovely picture of your granny. It could have been taken yesterday! She looks very 2014 :-) I do hope you get the watch back.

Probably not in any way related but if you do a twitter search for "Turnpike Lane" there's someone saying that a man tried to sell them a gold necklace in Turnpike Lane.

Living on Beresford Road myself reading about your burglary is another burglary that I have heard about on Beresford Road.
Hello Emily. So sorry to hear this has happened to you. I hope you do get the watch back x

Hi Emily

Really sorry to hear this. I think you are just a few doors down from us. I believe the burglar got access through the house at the end of the road, then garden hopped until he got to your place. He definitely went through my back garden as parts of the fence are damaged and I could see the footprints in the mud. Let me know if we can help at all.

Rupert (number 4)

Stolen items

Images of the jewellery here...




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