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Just looking on Google Maps I can see what seems to be a big warehouse between the houses on Beresford Rd and Effingham Rd and was wondering what this is. Is it part of Medlock?

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We're getting very strange wild weather at the moment. There's been lots of flooding in and around Sydney.  Hopefully that's coming to an end and we can enjoy what would normally be a pleasant autumn!  Regards to Harringay!   

Okay, another day another dollar. It's coming to teatime and I need a break from work. So I'm picking this up again.

The detailed map helps. It shows that by 1955 when the newer map was made, the original building behind Effingham/Beresford had gone. I think it's a fair to assume that success had led to Medlock being incorporated in 1947. It's reasonable also to assume that their success was based on growth and that they were looking for bigger premises. I imagine that the Effingham/Beresford site came up and they snapped it up and built a warehouse.

Once again, click the image, and click it again, to see a larger version.


I just cane across another newspaper snippet from 1902 which at fills in a little of the Medlocks history, although not about the history of the land which is the topic of this discussion. 607 is the middle of the three shops that are now occupied by Medlocks. 

History of this building and the surrounding land now explored here.



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