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Hi All, a guy in flourecent jacket and flashing a card knocked on my door to say that he was doing building work down the road and was knocking on doors to see if anyone else needed work done.  It didn't ring through for me tbh and he had obviously had a good look through my window as he commented on something.  Also, he just had the one card and did not offer to leave it.  The card said 'First Choice' or something like that.  I then left the house and saw him further up the street with another guy and they seemed to be very selective on which houses they knocked (they also dropped litter which really annoyed me) and when the guy saw me they left the road and went on to Wightman Road.  I am just putting the note on here to give others a heads up as something didn't ring through with me. 

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You should report it to the police on the non-emergency 101 number. They need to know about this sort of thing as it is useful intelligence if a burglary etc does happen.

He knocked on my door. He handed me a very battered First Choice card. He didn't say anything as he was on the phone so I just took the card and shut the door. Did seem a bit odd.

What did he look like? we had some dodgy builders doing work in next doors flat. Coincidentally three pf our bikes were stolen while they were here. I'm guessing though you think they are not builders?

He didn't do anything illegal, but my sixth sense didn't like it.  I think the neighbourhood police is on this site anyway.  Both guys were about 170 cm tall I think, dark hair, the guy who knocked on my door was hard to understand but spoke English. 

Please do take ElleCarumba's advice and report it on 101. The police don't check this site. We have quite a few members of the local community who are more at risk of con merchants and burglary so I'm certain the police will appreciate knowing if people are knocking on doors and causing concern.

Were they knocking on the doors of houses with alarm systems?  Just interested...

Yes.  No idea what selection process they used as my house is alarmed and in decent condition, but they were way up the road after having left my house so they cannot have rung many doorbells and once they clocked me they didn't stop at all.

Oh.  I am not going to read anything into that which might suggest burglars don't care about alarm systems any more.  Hopefully they were just dodgy builders. Anyway thanks for the post - I am not on that side of Green Lanes but the more people keeping a beady eye out on uninvited fluro jacketed door knockers during the day the better (It would not surprise me if such types did over our house).  Not that I am paranoid...  

I know it is easy to get paranoid.  I have recently been home during the day and it amazes me how many people are around ringing doorbells collecting for charity, selling products, sofas of the back of lorries, etc etc.  Must be quite scary for elderly people.

yeah... and then just when you finally sit down the phone starts ringing and before you know it apparently your computer has a virus stopping you from claiming back your ppi... or something - these calls all merge into one these days.

These people called to mine on Stanmore Road last week. I explained that we just had builders in and didn't need any work done to which he replied "are you sure?" Even when I replied "yes" he still seemed reluctant to move from the door step. I thought it was a bit strange but nothing more until now.

Hi everyone

On Monday afternoon I apprehended this chap, on his phone, half in and half out of my front garden.  I got a good view coming up the road and thought at first he must have business with my downstairs neighbour as he seemed in no hurry to move off.  When asked what he was doing there, he replied did I want him to fix the 'subsidence' in my paving; I said no thanks and took his flyer.  He moved on up the road, still on his phone.  I was annoyed he'd been hanging around my home when I was not there; interestingly, my neighbour was there all the time but he had not knocked or rung the bell.

Having a cup of tea half an hour later, I was glancing at HOL and saw a number of people had encountered this character.  I phoned 101, stressing that no crime had been committed, but that I'd been left feeling somewhat uneasy and invaded by his manner.  The Police were very thorough, gave me a reference, and telephoned me later to make an appointment.  They visited yesterday to take more details and will investigate this company.  They feel the company is probably OK as they readily supplied their contact details but will look into it all the same.  

It's a difficult balance to strike between being careful and being over-suspicious.  I was reassured that the Police felt I had done the right thing in reporting this incident.



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