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Just to mention the passing of lifelong CND campaigner, priest and Harringay local Bruce Kent.

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Yes, a local hero and instrumental in helping the Catholic Worker open the housing of hospitality at the church on Mattison Road. Brush Kent, presente!


Bruce Kent was remarkable in so many ways. Principled, humane, compassionate, erudite, and charming, with a great sense of humour. He was one of my political heroes, showing such leadership and drive when he was General Secretary of CND. My sister and I went on our first Aldermaston CND march when I was 9 and we organised a CND group which met in our parents' flat in Stamford Hill. So when CND was revived by Bruce in the '80s I followed his career. I met him once on a train, where I  confess to behaving like a groupie - he just wanted his book on some aspect of nuclear proliferation. 

I never thought I would get to know him, but I did, as ward councillor. He often sent me emails about Finsbury Park or other local issues. He was a great advocate for the park, and cared about the borough and our community. I last met him on election day. He was frail, but was his usual humorous self, with the twinkle in his eye. I was proud to know him and to be nagged by him. 

We will all miss him.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Sad news. He was one of the good guys.

Did he live round here? I saw a guy who looked just like him a while back on Green Lanes, but for some reason thought: "No, that couldn't be the Monsignor."

Yes he did.

He was someone who inspired me to speak about CND whenever I could. Also in a way he is the reason that I moved to and happily live in Harringay since 2001 (long story!) although sadly I never actually met him. The Ekklesia website announcement speaks beautifully about him. RIP dear Bruce Kent.

I think it was Endymion. Having just knocked on his door, no doubt Zena can confirm that.

Lothair Rd, Hugh. But is it South or North?  

I missed him today in FP, on a seat in McKenzie Garden where we occasionally chatted. Last time I met him, a week before the local elections, I congratulated him on managing with one stick while I hobbled along on two. Rest in Peace Bruce.

Thanks OAE

He lived in one of the N4 roads at the end of the ladder.

The Guardian article captures his career very well. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/09/bruce-kent-obituary
No article however can do justice to his mischievous sense of fun and indeed the feeling one had in his presence as if the sun had just come out.

Like Zena, I knocked on his door during the election, and although one of our respective goals was different, the one that really mattered to both of us was to be able, on a hectic day, to enjoy his company for a moment.

I've always appreciated having him as a local all these years, without having spoken. A reminder of the importance of activism. 



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