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This may have been discussed before but does anyone know anything about the Bruce Grove Dance Hall?

It looks good, I'm inclined to go.


Poster seen on E-bay a few times.

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We could go on the trolley bus!

It's apparently the "Power Praise and Deliverance Worship Centre" nowadays. Unfortunately.


I don't think that building was ever a dance hall. Its the Palace which was a theatre, then cinema, then bingo, now a religious centre.

I think the dance hall was at 113 Bruce Grove, opened in 1923, converted to a cinema ( Studio 5,6,7,8) in 1974 but is now the Regency banqueting and function suite. So you can still go dancing there but you'd probably have to be invited!

'Car park for 400 cars' - anyone guess where that might have been?

Looking at a satellite view there seems to be a large open area behind the building which was probably the car park?

Went to a Turkish wedding there a couple of years ago. Big space with dance floor upstairs basically :)

Thank you for the answers.  I put out an enquiry about Hal Moss on a relevant Facebook site and ha a very full reply.  Apparently his was one of the bands playing Lyons Corner Houses around this time.   He also did a lot of theatre work including a stint in Clacton for the 1932 summer show.

The Tower Ballroom element refers to the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham where he was resident in 1933.




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