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Hi all -  bit of a double ask here!  We're looking for recommendations for both broadband and mobile providers please.  

We're with Virgin Media broadband - but have found the service to be intermittent and incredibly frustrating for home working.   I'm the one who constantly drops on Teams/Zoom calls!  When the Virgin service drops, I often have to then tether my laptop to my phone - which is on the Vodafone network.    The problem is - despite appearing to have a full 4G signal (and appearing via Vodafone's 4G coverage maps to have full coverage) I only get about 0.5mbps download speed - which is again useless for Teams/Zoom.  The phone signal is also pretty poor, making regular calls difficult too.  

Does anyone have any recommendations for Broadband networks that don't drop all the time?  I'm not even that fussed about speed - but I really need setting more reliable.   We're thinking of switching to BT.  Does anyone have any view on if they're good?

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile network? We're in the middle of Venetia Road for reference (and if you're one of my neighbours through the walls - I apologise for the connectivity related cursing that I seem to be doing every day!).  

Thank you.  


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As mention, I do not believe all issues are All with those offering the Service. Especially as most use BT phone lines are carriers 

Not forgetting that the current internet Service was never designed or built for the numbers currently using it 

But as more give up paying High costs of BT Land Lines. And use Mobiles it's down to numbers and what Buildings block Signals 

Hi all 

I thought I'd give an update in case it's helpful for anyone else. 

Turns out my broadband/WiFi issues were more down to the Virgin Superhub 3 router.  I've invested in a Amazon Eero 5 mesh network - and it's phenomenal. It was £160 for 3x 'nodes' so not cheap, but it has drastically reduced my drop-out induced stress levels whilst working from home.     I was previously using the Superhub plus some 'boosters' and they're not a patch on the mesh.  I get full signal in every corner of the house now and most of the garden.    So as it happens, I'm still with Virgin, but the dropouts are virtually non-existent now.  

For mobile - I switched from Vodafone to GifGaf.  At home on Venetia Road I'm getting 80+ Mbps download speeds on 4G+ whereas was getting 2Mbps at best on Vodafone.  Best of all, GifGaf is costing me £10 per month which is a fraction of Vodafone.  



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