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This week, Chanel 4's Dispatches is focussing on the spread of betting shops, an issue we're only too familiar with in Harringay.

The channel's programme information says "Britain's high streets are struggling to survive, but one business is booming; betting shops. On average one new bookie opens every week. In one London high street there are now 10 within yards and the locals are fed up."

I do hope that high street isn't our stretch of Green Lanes.

David Lammy is amongst those featuring in the documentary. Apparently we're going to hear from a "politician who now admits they got the gambling laws wrong". Will this be Mr Lammy?

Channel 4's Michael Crick is going to look in particular at 'Fixed Odds Betting Terminals', or FOBTs . "These machines which increasingly dominate the bookies mean, says Crick that there are in effect casinos on every high street - lots of them". 

Academic research shows what effect FOBTs are having. Problem gamblers, those with a serious addiction, now lose more money on FOBT machines every year than they do on the horses, the dogs and in traditional casinos combined.

Armed with £100 in cash Crick sets out to show on Dispatches how compelling betting on a FOBT can be, and find out how fast I could lose the company's money.

Programme information here.

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Thanks for posting this Hugh; the senior politician who admitted that the previous government were wrong and had made a mistake (over gambling law) was Harriet Harman. They were wrong in spades.

Some prominent figures warned against it at the time: Roy Hattersley said he was savaged for saying my party sold its soul by letting gambling boom. I take no pride in having been proved right

The Gambling Act was one of the last Government's most irresponsible measures.

It's going to be difficult to put this genie back in the bottle: the parliamentary CMS committee published their report on the subject recently. Surprisingly, the committee recommended even further slackening of the law.

The country's  coffers proabably do well from the tax takings...hence the lack of will to do anything that would solve the problem.



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