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Bridge House Medical Practice - Harringay Surgery - Not Answering Calls?

Is anyone else having trouble getting through?

It’s been like this for 4 days now. Up until this Monday they were regularly answering phone calls throughout the day.

My father has a nasty looking rash and he needs a cream.

It keeps disconnecting after the service message.

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Yes experienced the same issue, they seem to be having some phone issues - pretty poor to say the least!

Eventually emailed them on bridgehouse.reception@nhs.net and they did get back to me. 

Not sure what people without access to the internet are supposed to do...

We had the same problem a few weeks ago when my son had a fever which shot up dangerously. In the end, we decided it was sufficiently serious to warrant a call to 111, which was brilliant. A GP from a practice in Tottenham called back within 30 minutes, did a remote consultation and wrote a script for antibiotics and arranged for me to collect them that evening from the attached pharmacy.  

Hi, Our Healthwatch Haringey team are aware of this and are communicating with the practice to help them resolve this issue.

Best wishes,
Healthwatch Haringey www.healthwatchharingey.org.uk
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The phone line is still disconnecting after the service message

I am still unable to get through, and my medical issues to discuss are piling up causing me significant stress and anxiety! 
This is how many times I've called in the last month or so and never managed to speak to anyone yet. I wish I knew who to talk to to get this sorted out as I'm currently Shielding and unable to leave the house, and even if I was I wouldn't be able to do anything as they're not letting anyone into the practice!

That’s awful Sharon.  You could try emailing Healthwatch (they seem to be aware of the problem) to see if they can help.


Funnily enough, that's just what I've done! I keep a note of everything that happens which made it so much easier. 

I just hope this gets sorted out before I need my next load of meds!

Can imagine this is really stressful Sharon.

Suggest you email bridgehouse.reception@nhs.net asking them to call you back.

I've haven't been able to get through on the phone for weeks but have been called back after emailing.

I've emailled them three times in the last two weeks. The first was met with a bog standard reply of "We are open from 8am-6:30pm Monday to Friday, I am sorry that you have had difficulty getting through, but we are available, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone with your full detail so we can get you booked in accordingly."

The other two have been ignored!

Iv called twice and been answered on both occasions... More promptly than before Covid when I would be in a long queue. Iv also had 2 call backs from staff there.. So not sure what is going wrong for you... Try calling in the afternoon around 5pm...i think that's when I called. Good luck

I thought it was just me!

I ran out of a very important medication last week and sent through a repeat medication request which was ignored. Neither I nor the online pharmacy I use could get to speak to someone on the phone, so I put through another repeat medication request on Monday. 

After a few days (during which I went through awful withdrawal symptoms from stopping the medication suddenly) the pharmacy dispensed an emergency prescription for me, which thankfully arrived this morning (I'm currently out of the area so have to have it delivered to me!)

It's been a very stressful week for me, because on top of that I need to make an appointment to discuss a few things that I've been told I need to speak to a doctor about - though I've not been able to speak to anyone for weeks!

Just makes a difficult time even worse really, when you can't even speak to your doctors surgery at a time like this - especially as I'm considered clinically vulnerable and an currently Shielding.

Are they answering today?

Disconnects after the service message.

What a mess



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