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Over the last few months I've found it increasingly impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at Bridge House medical practice. I've spent the last 3 days calling at all times of the day to try and get someone to pick up, but to no avail, and sometimes I can be on hold for 30+ minutes!

I'm desperately trying to find out the status of a prescription that was sent through to them but along with no-one answering the phone, it seems that no-one is reading emails either, and with them not accepting anyone into the practice without an appointment I'm at a loss about how to get my medication!

Am I the only one that this is happening to? 

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They all ABSOLUTELY know what happens at the practice Don. As I have mentioned here before their appointments system has been a nightmare for as long as I can remember. I left years ago because I got so fed up with it and their receptionists unprofessional behaviour. I told Dr Haas and others every time I finally got to see someone. They just looked weary - so it was obvious they had heard it many times before. This practice receives very poor reviews when you look at patient feedback so they are perfectly aware what's going on. Sadly there seems to be no interest in improving things or maybe they cannot attract decent staff 

I am so glad that I am no longer with Bridge House.

Parade chemist are a fantastic chemist.

If anyone is frustrated with Bridge House and wants to change surgery I can highly recommend Queenswood Medical Practice.

I used to be a patient when there was two surgeries at Bridge House medical practice and the doctor that I had was Dr Haas who was a load of rubbish and I know that she is no longer there as my family are at Bridge House and I am trying to get them to change to Queenswood Medical Practice.

Hi Sharon,

I think it's already clear that this is not only happening to you! I had really bad experiences with them and finally decided to change GP in August 2019, well before Covid-19.

I would call the number that folks passed on to you, but you should also consider changing practice altogether.

All best,


So just to be clear, no Gp surgery should be refusing to see patients who need to be seen. Our practice and Im sure other practices have continued to see the few patients who need to be seen, all the way through, although sometimes, its been a referral straight to hospital instead

But the government has given clear guidelines, how a practice should be run, which includes keeping the surgery door locked, so initial contact is always phone consultation first, and then if the Gp feels its something that needs to be seen Face2Face, then an appt is made . But most things are now dealt with over the phone

Its pants, and its a bit worrying, so we are seeing more patients presenting late for things etc. but the government make the rules, so blame them

saying that, you should always be able to get through to reception, who can book you for a call back from a Gp/

i used bridge house for 2months when i first moved into the area in 96. it didnt take me long to move to a decent practice in john scott health centre. And unfortunately during lockdown I got ill myself and had to rely on them a lot. always brilliant

def complain about this appalling service

I have finally changed practice, to the Heron Practice further down Green Lanes, beyond Manor House. So far, so good. I’ve called twice and the phone was answered within a few minutes!

Be aware though that they only accept patients up as far as Seymour Road. Their system says they only take N4 postcodes but I argued the toss and they took me too (I’m on Seymour and that’s N8).

I liked Dr Haas at Bridge House - she’s partly why I stayed so long.

Yes same here! I have to be fair to Dr Haas as she was not the problem and the only reason I stayed as long as I did. It was everything else about the practice that was appalling

When I was growing up in Seymour Road some services were those of N4 and others of N8.  It's very borderline there.

I actually changed to Bridge House from the Heron practice! I found the GPs really dismissive of things, especially mental health issues. 
In one memorable instance, I saw a doctor there about severe pain I was having that was stopping me from sleeping. She was really dismissive of me, partly I believe because of my history of MH difficulties, and she literally told me that I was imagining it...
2 years later and I have diagnoses of widespread arthritis and hypermobile EDS, both of which would have been picked up at the time I brought it up with my doctor there had they been bothered to take me seriously! 
I had a nice doctor there, but she left many years ago :( 

Sorry to hear that Sharon, that's just so awful and wrong. I used to be very happy with my Doc at Bridge House but now it's all changed and when we used to be able to see a doc, you never knew who you'd get. Makes me very disillusioned with the system. I hope you're getting proper treatment now for your condition. 

I'll add my complaints about Bridge House lockdown too.

Impossible to get to speak to anyone on the phone there, it just rings and rings and then cuts out.

If we can't access our local health centre then effectively we have no local NHS. We were meant to save the NHS but it's been driven behind closed doors here it seems. 

I dread to think of the number of people who will be getting seriously ill now and not being treated. And whilst I have been getting a prescription through a local chemist (on Green Lanes but not Parade chemist), it's not been pleasant doing that, felt like I was bothering them every time.

One time I got a mouthful of complaints which was unpleasant, but it was their frustration with Bridge House remaining closed coming out and directed at me. I really didn't need that.

'Why don't they open their doors and do their job' was what the counter worker at the chemist finally said.

Why don't they?  I'd like to know too. 

I think I'll have to. Is it that easy to do? Always imagined it would be hard but a lot of people here have said they have moved. 

GP contracts work quite differently to how most people expect them to.  It's a throwback to when the NHS was set up and GPs didn't want to lose control of their practices.  They all operate as 'businesses' with at least one GP as a partner.  It's why you quite often see practices with several family members working there.  

The Kings Fund have a good explanation: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/gp-funding-and-contracts-... 

AT Medics run a lot of practices across London under the new APMS contracts



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