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Over the last few months I've found it increasingly impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at Bridge House medical practice. I've spent the last 3 days calling at all times of the day to try and get someone to pick up, but to no avail, and sometimes I can be on hold for 30+ minutes!

I'm desperately trying to find out the status of a prescription that was sent through to them but along with no-one answering the phone, it seems that no-one is reading emails either, and with them not accepting anyone into the practice without an appointment I'm at a loss about how to get my medication!

Am I the only one that this is happening to? 

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No Sharon, sadly not as it is exactly same for my husband. They really need to improve their service Covid or no Covid as an excuse/reason. It would be helpful to know about any others so more feedback may help the situation.

You are not alone I too have been calling to try find out about their flu vaccination plans, but no reply. Very frustrating.

If you contact below with your complaints:

Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG) Level 4, River Park House

225 High Road

London N22 8HQ

Thank you! I've been trying to work out where or who to speak to, and that is a great idea! I have an appointment with the pharmacist at the surgery tomorrow, so I'll see what they say first. It's just so frustrating!

Maybe all of us who are patients should call. They have got worse the last few months.

That's very bad. I get my prescription via Parade Chemist...I give them my prescription request and go back a few days later to pick it up. You could speak to them and see if they're able to help.

Good luck.

Parade are very good - we used to be with Bridge House & Parade had to chase them up to try to get prescriptions. Just before the lock down we moved to another GP & they are much better (and also work with Parade Chemist).

I agree. Parade chemist are very good, friendly and reliable. They even delivered my prescription by hand early on in lockdown. I use the NHS app to order repeats and then simply collect from Parade. When I've had an issue they've liaised with the GP.

Parade also have a paid for flu jab service, in case that is of interest. While I don't buy expensive toiletries from my chemist, I am really keen on supporting them as a local business where I can.

Can I put in a word for Green Light Pharmacy, which is on Green Lanes, near the Salisbury? We have been using them for a very long time, and the pharmacists are always really helpful and thorough. They've cleared away some shelving units to make social distancing better. They will be offering flu jabs soon, and I am pretty sure that if you qualify to get vaccination free via NHS, you can get them done there. They have also been very good over the lockdown, delivering our prescriptions on a number of occasions, free.

This is an ongoing issue with this practice well before the Covid situation. I left them years ago as getting an appointment was always made as difficult as possible. My advice would be to look at previous reviews of this surgery on here and go somewhere else

I’ve been a patient at the practice for 20 years and stuck with them because I liked the GPs. But like others here I’ve found the phone system during lockdown unbearable - really erratic (sometimes a message, sometimes not, no sense of where you are in the queue etc). I’ve spoken to the receptionists about it a few times and always got the same answer about a new phone system, the practice manager was on the case etc. I then had a day where I spent a combined total of 100 minutes on the phone before I got through to speak to someone about a routine repeat prescription and that proved the final straw - I have now switched to another practice. It’s not as convenient for me but I just found the disinterest in their patients’ experience too much to bear.

Ps Sharon, with regard to your query - this was exactly what I was trying to find out about. When I did speak to someone she said I should go through my chemist - but as nobody had ever told me this was an option I had no idea. So definitely worth exploring that option.



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