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Four drawer Bosch Economic chest freezer for sale. It has a scratch down the right hand panel (see picture) and is more than five years old but otherwise works perfectly.  We are only getting rid of it as we are having our whole kitchen redone.  Collection only.


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I would be interested in this chest freezer. Unfortunately, my browser won't let me view the photos. Is it possible to re-post them, and maybe also to list the dimensions of the freezer? That would be really helpful. Thank you.

I’ve reposted one of them inline, Christopher. Can you see that one?

Hi Hugh - Yes, I can see the image now, the one posted in-line. Thanks for doing that. Best wishes - Chris
Hi Bridget - Thank you - I will look out for the dimensions later. Hugh posted one image inline, so I have a much better idea of what the freezer looks like.

Hi Chris - the dimensions are 85cm high, 60cm wide and 58cm deep. 

Hi Bridget - Thank you for posting the dimensions of the freezer, which are really helpful. And a BIG thank you to HOL Admin (Hugh?) for posting the photos in-line, so I can now see them. I did a rough measuring-up in the kitchen, to see how well it would fit, and it is looking as if it will. I will measure more carefully a bit later, but I think I can say that I very much would like to buy this from you. I need to check on man/van services, to try to arrange to collect from you, at the weekend, or on Monday of next week, if those days are convenient for you. As I am still having a problem with using some features of the HoL site, due to something weird with my web browser, we can communicate by email. My email is clarstar@aol.com - so let's take it from there. Hope all this works for you - best wishes - Chris
Hi Bridget

I am interested in this freezer too. I can collect it today or tomorrow. Thanks Will 07946625957

Hi Will - thanks for your message. I’m afraid it’s gone now. 



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