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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Link below to a list who is standing in each ward in Haringey.


Edit 29 April.  Link stopped linking so I’ve renewed it.

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Thanks for posting this. I will look through it to see what the alternative is...

As an ex-Labour Party member, I cannot bring myself to vote for them this year. Starmer has ruined the party. I met a sitting councillor yesterday delivering leaflets. She collapsed with the heat and complained that although there is over 100 members in the local area, she couldn't get any one (other than one man) to help her. Looks like Starmer purged the active members and driven the energy out of the party. 

It seems as though some of the sitting Labour councillors gave up a long time ago, Con.

For example, in Harringay Ward, the meeting attendance records of Gina Adamou and Sarah James indicate they hardly turn up to anything. Now you have to ask yourself whether the Labour Party actually cares about residents when its plain to all that these two have been apathetic and uninterested. The party should have asked them to step aside so they could be replaced by people who would take it all a bit more seriously.

Mrs Adamou is long acknowledged and accepted in her absences (you'll find numerous gallows style jokes on this site about her invisibility over many years). Ms James is not standing again. Her output is unlikely to be affected by that.

To be fair though Zena Brabazon has a great attendance record and is well known for being active and effective.

The best result for Harringay Ward would be for Zena to be returned and for the other two spots to go to David and Karen from the Lib Dems (both have preciously proven themselves to be effective).

This would have the dual effect of returning 3 decent councillors plus send a rocket up the local Labour Party for its 51 years of neglect across Haringey.

In St. Anns. We're basically stuffed. Labour ignored the views of residents over their ludicrous idea to rename Black Boy Lane and will now go ahead with it anyway. They will spend at least £250,000 doing that and the money will come from other council budgets which means even fewer council services for residents when we need it most. Personally I'd rather that money be spent on teachers, aged care, youth centres/workers, parks and environment, potholes or just cleaning up all the rubbish. 

The LIb Dems are supporting thr renaming which makes them complicit in an undemocratic process and in wasting a quarter of a million quid.

Maybe the Greens will agree to stop the name change. I'm voting for them. If they also don't see what else could be done with £250k, they'll at least look after the trees and maybe improve cycling safety.

In the Gardens there is a new Conservative candidate. A young black lady who has trained as a barrister. She looks like a breath of fresh air reflecting local diversity and actually lives on GL. We have enough middle aged fogeys. 

And remember, we're voting on local issues and should put aside our anger at the showers that currently inhabit number 10 and 11 and the numpties on the opposition front bench.

Thanks Micheal, 

interesting that the only ward in haringey the conservatives just can’t even be bothered with is St Annes. 
I’m not sure, should I feel insulted??? 

I think as they have little chance of being elected they had to think where to spend the money

They don't enjoy the support of the local 'traders'.

The Conservatives are standing three candidates in Harringay ward, which contains the bulk of the Green Lanes shops.

Yes, that makes sense for them to concentrate their limited resources there. If they can get a couple of councillors in they could break the symbiotic relationship between the 'traders' and the local Labour party that has stymied improvements on GL for so long.

It's like Luke and Han Solo taking on the Death Star at the end of Star Wars.

Always good to see a Star Wars analogy.

I'm wondering whether or not members of Momentum will be disclosing their membership before the vote?
Legally councillors have to "Declare" their membership of this organisation after election.

In Haringey this Party-within-a-Party has been organising separately from Labour. So I think it's only fair and reasonable that electors should find this information out before they cast their vote and it's too late!

Surely these "kinder gentler politics" people have heard of the Nolan "Seven Principles of Public Life"?
If they find doing all seven at once is a bit of a stretch, then maybe they could try just a couple to practice on? Honesty and Openness might be a good place to begin. A sort of warm-up of the ethical "muscles".

I attach a table.


Well the infamous Emine Ibrahim standing in Noel Park is definitely one of them. A quick Google provides evidence.

I'm deducing that the two 'Labour' candidates in St.Anns are part of the same cabal given they were pre-selected at the expense of the sitting Labour councillors.

Cllr Emina Ibrahim is a publicly acknowledged senior Momentum person. She doesn't pretend otherwise. But 'Infamous' ?  That seems very exaggerated.  Doesn't it mean malign or detestable? Personally I've come to view her simply as unwise and lacking in sound political judgement.

Have you seen the video clip of Cllr Joe Ejiofor's solemn Council speech following the shocking Mosque shootings in Christchurch New Zealand in 2019?  Emina Ibrahim was Deputy Leader at the time and her unseemly behaviour let the Council down.

My point about Momentum members is that they should have a bit of integrity and be honest and open with all electors. It shouldn't be a matter of people having to Google them. And why don't they tell people who they take their guidance from? Is it some shadowy secret caucus? And will that caucus carry on if they get on the Council and sit within the Labour Group?

I hear that one of the candidates in my own ward is a Momentum candidate. I don't know him and currently I intend not voting for him. Should he contact me I will listen to him politely of course. He may even persuade me.

But if he or any other Momentum List candidate is reading this I'd like to ask them why they don't bother to read the Nolan Principles before they decided to cuckoo secretly in the Labour Party?



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