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Boris Johnson coming to Stanhope Gardens at 0930 TODAY (28.05.2014)

Boris Johnson was due in Stanhope Gardens at 0930 this morning to be filmed discussing new letting standards.

He hasn't arrived yet.

Don't know if anyone has any burning desire to talk to him about anything, but he'll be here soon ....

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Damn. I'm all out of eggs...

Boris looking for a flat he can afford to rent around 0930 this morning....

Boris being all Alpha male ... there's just no Let up is there. Expect a rent hike policy (move the lower paid out of London) anytime soon with more condo developments down in The Warehouse valley.

Damn! Missed him. He was so close, I could have gone and thanked him for getting rid of the awful bendy buses but then had a go about selling so much of London to foreign investors who will never live in their nice apartments. 

If those empty flats all over London were liberated for the public, there would be a huge dent made in the housing shortage, so I hear. More of those flats coming soon, overlooking Finsbury park. Nice lovely high rise! Just the job for those who can afford them 

I liked the bendy busses. Most people who actually travelled on them did too. It was just the drivers who thought they didn't look nice from the outside.

Some people didn't like them one little bit including me! I like to go upstairs, get a seat, and read which was clearly not possible on the one level bendy. 

Personal bus preferences.. I like bendy buses abroad where the roads are more conducive to them. 

Bendy buses were brilliant for two things: travelling with a double buggy; and fare evasion. Haha



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