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I think it will be in the Cats Claws shop, quite close to where the Harringay Passage joins Turnpike Lane. More here

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I know. Who doesn't like a bookshop?!

Exactly. I'm thrilled that Tim has found somewhere close to us all in Harringay to open his new shop. Great news. When's the opening night Tim.

Well said! This is terrific news and Good Luck to All Good Bookshop. I will certainly support this business. 

TPL is really changing and several shops have opened recently in addition to the fantastic light shop, the lovely pharmacist, the supermarket, and post office. It actually feels like a high street so not a bad choice location for a book shop.

I agree, Charlotte. Now there needs to be improvement to the cleanliness and accessibility of the pavements, and making crossing the road easier. But that stretch of TPL defo seems to be improving. 

I'm so happy to see that Tim is moving to our neck of the woods. He was doing OK up at Blue House Yard but the unit was absolutely miniscule - this site is much more suitable. He runs great events, the story telling with music for children was always hugely popular when they were on the High Road and I am wishing him all the very, very best with this. No excuse for using Amazon all the time when you can pick up your books from so close to home! 

Great news! I buy books online but would much rather buy locally. 



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