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To everyone on Pemberton Road. A few residents have held an evening BBQ to celebrate Bonfire Night for the last few years. We will be doing the same again this year (date to be confirmed).

First, I would like to invite neighbours on Pemberton to the BBQ.

Second, I need your help as I would like to close the road off for the duration to make the road safe for everyone and especially the kids that will come. To do this I have to fill a form out and have it signed by residents to show their support and get it back to the council sharpish.

If you would like to come with your children please message me on HoL and I can make contact and get an invite to you, and also ask you to sign the form if you have not yet done so.

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Justin, feel free to pop round - we'll sign the form.

HI Justin,
I live on Pemberton Road. My partner and I would be more than happy to participate to the BBQ and sign the form. Great idea! We need to find another excuse to do something similar in the summer!!!! Maybe we could take over the school courtyard!!! OK, I am getting carried away now.....
I will be away at the week end. However generally I am at home working on Mondays and Fridays. Let me know if one of these Mondays or Fridays suits you. I have added you as connection to make arrangements.

Hello Justin, great idea for a community event.

Although I am no longer resident in Pemberton Road, I am interested in returning to participate in the bonfire night celebrations.

Please keep us all updated on details and progress.

Will Message you with details.

Hi Justin,

I live at number 12 with my housemates and we'd love to sign the form and come along to the BBQ sounds like such a wonderful idea, what a great way to mingle with the locals! Let me know how we can help.


Cool. I knocked on your door on Sat but there was no response. I have actually sent the form off as the council need 2 months to process this- and we are 6 weeks away.

I will drop an invite in your door when we have confirmation (I have made a note of your address etc), but in the meant time why don't you HoL mail me you email and phone number so I can confirm and make sure you do not lose the invite in all the pizza guff you probabley get!



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