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Top of Warham is like a river. What must it be like at the bottom of the hill!

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Outside Harringay Green Lanes Station. Same thing happened December 2019. I thought they'd fixed the drainage after that!


That’s an absolutely shocker- and it happens to a greater or lesser degree every time the rain is heavy

Crikey, just had a mini panic because our outside drains were backing up and rapidly approaching the height of the door threshold. Not an issue isolated to our address then!

Bad near Turnpike Lane too. You can see water coming out of the drains fast.

….and the BBC forecast has the storms  continuing till 8 and lessening over the following few hours. 

Pretty bad around Allison Rd...


Not to mention Fairfax Rd where the manhole cover appears to have come off and affected my good neighbours.

Joys of Allowing Our Elected Ward Councillors,  to budget cutting the Drain cleaning service . As will notice on walks around that most of our kerb drains are blocked with rubbish . Yes we are having heavier down pours than past years. 

Just think what it would be like if past Councillors had not built rain storage tanks in Woodside park. And Turnpike lane. Which hold large amounts pending drains clearing. 

Much of Our drain water runs into river lea, near Ferry Lane . Which runs into River Thames and then taken out to sea 

Councillors don't generally care about drains, more pleasing the local businesses! Bless 'em

Why can't this pathetic, incompetent, useless Council run the Haringey public services as they should be ?

Yes  flooding has happened in the past. So why haven't the Council taken measures to stop it happening again ?

Yes it rained quite a lot today ( and last week ) but it wasn't a monsoon. Have the Council learned anything ? Do they understand that it will happen again ? 

These rains may well be the result of climate change and the flooding may be the result of people concreting over their gardens but what do the Council propose to do about it ? It's the Council's job to put in place drains and measures adequate to deal with heavy rain and protect businesses and householders. 

Another area where the Council is failing lamentably is the provision of hand-washing facilities in their public toilets. In the three that I am obliged to use from time to time ( Muswell Hill, Crouch End Library, St Ann's Rd ) all have soap dispensers but have not dispensed soap for many years. Only St Ann's has hand-washing water: the others are dry. The hand dryers do not function. I am aware that there is no statutory duty on councils to provide public toilets but they have a moral duty to do so and used  to in  the last century. Why have our public services deteriorated to this extent ? Why, in a time of pandemic, when we are urged to wash hands thoroughly and frequently, do the Council not provide the basic necessities of soap and water?  

The Council must face up to their public health responsibilities and bring services back in house so that they can no longer hide behind the  failings of the outsourced commercial companies which seem not to care about the quality of service they ( do not ) provide. The Council should work for the electors, abandon social engineering, renaming of streets and concentrate on doing the jobs that they were elected to do. And don't blame Government cuts - deal with them.

Public services have deteriorated as a result of councils having to make massive cuts due to Tory austerity. And Enfield isn't Tory run, hasn't been for years.

So how do Conservative councils manage to run public services efficiently, despite being subject to the same cuts ?

By offering of lot less of them I believe



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