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Top of Warham is like a river. What must it be like at the bottom of the hill!

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I think that's a wild generalisation, and not true  to say Tory run councils deliver good public services. 

I'm glad Government spending was reduced. Had it not been our economy would not have survived Covid. There would have been no money left and we wouldn't have been able to service the debt on the excess borrowings.

Harringey has thrown away millions due to sheer incompetence (for evidence refer to the Ally Pally scandal pkus the recent one where they paid excess millions for their building).

I don't like the conservatives much but if I were them I wouldn't give Haringey any more money until they can be responsible with what they already get.

Good points. But if you think Haringey Council or any other in the entire country can provide a good service after 60% cuts in central government funding please tell us how? These cuts have meant that statutory services must be prioritised, so other services are underfunded. These are facts and this is happening all over the country. But people keep voting for it.

They vote for it because they are rightly scared of the current alternative.

With all the apparent austerity, it won't be long before I will be paying £200 per month in council tax. By the accounts of people I know who live in Enfield, the borough has become a basket-case, even to the extent banning meat being sold at events held on their land. That means no beefburgers or kebabs for the carnivorous petrolheads at the Pageant of Motoring.

Thanks Michael, on reading the article it does seem to be a bit ambiguous.

They are not serving meat when they are responsible for the catering.  If they’re not you can have a roast ox if you want.  I think there has been a bit of embroidery in the retelling.

What seems to be forgotten is that the number of Rate Payers. Increase monthly as more properties come on line.

And the Borough has got some of the Highest Rate Bands

Did anyone Notice the Council Facebook page. Offering a training course for future Elected Ward Councillors

Added post 39 Ward Councillors required.

With No Political Party Ties

To Work for All that live in Our Borough

Unlike current Ward Councillors that seem to Pander to Minority Groups Only 

One of the 'disappeared' councillors broke cover to canvass house-to-house on the day of the mayoral elections. Apparently he hasn't been seen since, or replied to any enquiries.

There was a blocked drain in Harringay Gardens this week. Two neighbours (Greek) went out with poles and worked on it until it was unblocked. 



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