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Despite consultation results that have rejected the proposal, the Council are proceeding with the road renaming. Today, they issued the following statement.

A legal order issued on 7 December will set the renaming process in motion after Haringey Council’s Corporate Committee voted to change the name of Black Boy Lane to La Rose Lane. The name change will happen officially on 23 January 2023.

It doesn't do much for one's faith in the due process of the council. If they were going to do it anyway, why tease the local population with a meaningless consultation?

The item came to committee on 15 Sept, but the above statement has only just been issued. The relevant part of the agenda reports pack is attached below. The previous reports pack from 2021 is available via this HoL post

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Forever Blackboy Lane. Heritage matters!

Agree. I don't think the new sign will last long.

I lost complete faith in Haringey councils processes years ago. They do what they want and sid the people in the borough. Please don't vote Labour next time.

Are they really spending £300k to do this? That way the amount mentioned on Facebook.

Someone said even Bernie grant thought it was a bad idea 

300k during a time when services are being cut and people are freezing and hungry. The council have no idea how to budget their dwindling finances and would rather waste this money on a virtue signalling exercise that no one wants and that serves no one. Not fit for purpose and an indictment on the leadership of the hopeless bunch of morons that run our council.

300k is an underestimate. Closer to 500k to the broader public purse when you consider the time of the staff allocated to sort it out (plus the opportunity cost of that), cost of tradesmen to change the signage, cost to Chestnuts school to change their branding, the £300 hardship payment to each household, time of staff already spent on the false consultations, costs to TFL for changing their route recordings, signage and online info, costs to publoc sector organisations like the Land Registry and costs to utility and service providers like British Gas and Royal Mail who will pass their costs onto customers.

That's at least a few teachers, care staff, or youth workers. Where are their priorities?

But that's nothing compared to the cost to our heritage and local history. And for what? Who gains?

Thanks. Great post. 

 We do not live in a democracy here in Haringey. It's a dictatorship. The council leadership needs to be called out for what they are, tin pot power mad dictators. It's a good job these people only have power in this borough and not the country. Remember this when you vote the next time. 

As much as I object to the renaming of a street against the wishes of the residents I think that labelling that as evidence of living under a dictatorship rather belittles the lives of those who live or have lived in an actual dictatorship.

Haringey is definitely on that trajectory. 

Do you spectrum? Haringey is definitely on the spectrum...

Agenda reports pack now added above. It, too, is oddly devoid of any mention of the consultation results. 



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