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 I hope people read this Guardian article from June 24th. 

I think it was on HoL that I first learned of this incident in Burgoyne Road, but can't remember in what section. At the time it wasn't clear why Jordan Walker-Brown was climbing over a wall. The use of a taser on an unarmed man running away was all the more shocking in his account.

What can we do to limit the use of tasers by police?  Apparently the government plan that more and more officers shall have them. 

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Whoa. Perfect example of white privilege right here. 

Eh ??

Whoa. Perfect example of illiteracy right here. 

No Kotkas I read and understood perfectly well what you said. But guess what, as a white male whether you're from money or not, you don't get to tell me, as a black male, that even the disadvantaged here have it better than others because you, as a white male, cannot make that decision for us. You do not have to be filthy rich to be white privileged. So as I said before, maybe you should go and read more books written by black authors to get a better grasp on what this is about. Educate yourself. I am in no way affiliated with Black Lives Matter, before anyone drags that up again. I'm writing from my point of view as a black man, with two black teenage sons, and black friends in London.  To make you understand this better: no one says that as a white person your life cannot be tough. But it's not because of your skin colour that your life is tough. I hope that helps. 

I read it that Kotkas was saying was that even the most disadvantaged in this country are better off than the most disadvantaged in some other countries. It's not about black v white in this country. 

Apologies John D I cannot reply to your comment. I read the same thing thanks, I can read. 

I frankly don't have the time, nor is it my duty to educate white people about race. You need to do the work yourself. If you believe that there is no black vs white here in the UK and it's only a US problem then you are clearly very out of touch. Racism isn't only about being mean to people of a different colour. Society is build that way but you don't even notice it because of your skin colour perhaps. People of colour seldom have the legal, socio-economic and cultural privileges that white people have. 

Another thing, we lived in Kent for a while. My boys were bullied because of their skin colour. When one of them was younger and in school here in Harringay he once said he hates his dark skin cause it's yucky. He didn't want to tell us where he got that from. Do you know how hurtful that is?

So if you don't believe that there are some serious issues here then keep sticking your head in the sand. Racial inequality does exist in the UK. Do your homework before you reply next time. I'm going to enjoy my weekend now. 

I see no point in continuing this. You are so blinded by your own prejudice that you read things into others' posts that simply are not there.

Have a nice weekend.

I'm definitely all for the police chasing and catching drug dealers of whatever colour - that's for sure. But I think they might need to get a bit more old school Sweeney about it and shin up walls and rugby tackle people to the ground etc. Probably safer in the long run for everyone (inc officers and their careers).  

One angle on this maybe that since 2010 the number of police has been cut by 20,000, we have seen this locally with fewer police on the beat and fewer support staff with statements from police chiefs that they are struggling to cope. The use of Tasers has increased markedly year on year however according to the Office of National Statistics the overall crime rate has remained fairly stable with a moderate increase in violent crimes over recent years. It may be that when pressed it becomes more 'efficient' to Taser and ask questions later then to give chase as would have happened before the Taser was introduced in 2003; however this does not explain or excuse the marked disparity in the proportion of black men versus white men that are Tasered.

Interesting research from University of Cambridge found that "London police officers visibly armed with electroshock 'Taser' weapons were more likely to be assaulted, and used force 48% more often, than those on unarmed shifts".


Believe there is  difference in uniforms and equipment from sweeney days

Also a issue when chasing suspect that they might have associates in the path of their run away

As in the case of recent Night Parties where Police are led in to Traps and badly Hurt

Reason that special unites are not always in uniforms. Who track down drugs and vehicle thieves 

Not forgetting that there are now more female Officers, who are not built to take down fleeing offenders

Fact that there are issues that most crime in London is committed by none white people              Including crimes against the people

Remember a elderly lady attacked in wood Green, who was assulted badly. Turned out that it was a relative of the Lady. Who was dealt with by Her own family.

During my 70 odd years in this Borough I have seen much and during my time as a Local Authority Officer. Who had to deal with offenders most days

Believe real issue, in past days. Offenders was locked up on being charged. These days they are charged and mostly released on Police Bail. Due to overfilled prisons and Corvid - 19, it can be many months before case goes before Court. Then again because of over filled Jails they are only charged on recent crimes Not All. Resulting in many knowing that even weapon offences might not get a Jail Sentence

Accepting that Jail is not always the best way to deal with some offenders

Especially Youngsters that get roped into carrying Weapons and Drugs

In my many years I have known and worked with many Police Officers

Majority believe they do their Job / work for the sake of the People

As with any person there will always be a few with Chips on their Shoulders

But remembering from my time working in Authority Enforcement.                                                     Many people believe that UK Laws did not effect them

Remember arriving with Police to deal with a Garage Working on the Highway. My passenger door got pulled open and the Person was punched by one of the Workers. Joke was it was a Health and Safety Officer doing a assessment on how dangerous my job was. The Worker thought He was my Senior Officer. Even though my signature had been on all past paperwork.

Yes He was arrested

Interest was when a Park keeper at Finsbury Park, after the great Storm. When New trees was planted Our Friends used to pull them over to hang their pit balls. To strengthen their bite. Many was injured and killed. Used to come crying that the Tree had injured of killed their Dog.

Thankfully We had a Dog Section that was based in the park. Or the Manager Ex Security Rottweiler    Who used to sit beside me licking his lips. As they Shout and tried throwing their weight around

What is going to be interesting is that We are getting a large number of Eastern European families on the Estate. Who have been challenging Our Friends when trying to break into motors are steal parts    Who will go after them. And can get the numbers for Our Friends not to return to their vehicles

Fingers crossed that the Police Service in coming months can get more none white Officers

But who in the Right mind would want to be a Police Officer in today's Political World                          Where so many people believe UK Laws do Not apply to them



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