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Is anyone missing black cat? No colar or any marks but friendly enough to make me think it belongs to someone. 

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Woodlands Park. She's a young girl, neutered not that long ago (still see the patch). Long way from Stroud Green though.

She came in, went straight to bed and doesn't want to leave. Hoping the owner might be on the forum.

I live in Woodlands Park Road, at the St Ann's Road end, and have seen a young and slim black cat around - tried to get into our house a few days ago when I was coming home from shopping. We wondered if the cat was abandoned, though he/she looked quite healthy, and have kept an eye out, but no sign of her for a few days.

Picture attached


i would put a cheap collar on her with a note attached asking the owner to call you, so you can check all is well. Cats are buggers, so glad mine hate other cats and people and dont wander

Hi all, took her to the vet on Monday and owner was found. 



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