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Apologies if this has been posted before.

This evening at the Council's Corporate Committee, there was an attempt by Joe Ejiofor, and others to ignore the resident consultation outcome and reinstate the proposal to rename Black Boy Lane. No final decision was taken. 

The committee meeting could be viewed online. This item was the final  item on the agenda discussed. I don't yet have a link to the video.

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Black Boy Lane being such a pressing issue of concern to so many in our borough...

The conversation linked by tag (see above) was the most commented on discussion on HoL since we started in 2007.

I meant the urge to rename it... which to me feels like a case of politicians going around stirring up apathy (to quote the late Willie Whitelaw).

Well, to be fair there's not much else going on for people to worry about, is there?
I mean it's not like there are any problems affecting people's jobs, homes, debts, health, children's education, care of elderly people, or the environment.

Alan. You should know that sarcasm ( or, let's be kind - irony ) doesn't really work in text. Some people will take it at face value.

Whatever gave you the idea that this was sarcasm or irony?

Thank you Alan.  I've been straight on to the Council as I thought this had died along with Ejiofor no longer being Council Leader.

An interesting and disturbing turn of events.

It was clear that the majority of Black Boy Lane residents, irrespective of the ethnicity, were against this move as also illustrated in the media.

Surely continuing to push this through is illustrating racial bias on the part of those trying to keep this going despite the objections of the residents.

Racism is not confined to white people as can be illustrated by those that were killed in Rwanda.

I am not sure that I have any fight left, and with the Mayor trying to change the exiting nature of London to a bland vanilla, it may be time to move.

Well, I suppose £180,000 is a small price to pay when you’ve already solved all Haringey’s housing, homelessness and social care problems and find you’ve still got lots of spare change lying around.

I am surprised to read this. I too thought this had died along with Joe Ejiofor not being council leader. Maybe writing again to our Cllr’s to oppose this. It is a disgrace to democracy when the majority of Black Boy Lane residents oppose it and the council continue to discuss it. Haringey has a lot more important things to deal with like housing and so forth then spending money on a name change. Mr Ejiofor needs to be removed from being a Cllr as he is a disgrace. 

Please distinguish between "the Council" and Cllr Joe Ejiofor. (Plus some allies who agree with him.)
Yes they are ignoring the outcome of the formal public consultation. But they are entirely within their rights to raise particular issues and have them discussed again.

I just wish though they'd have waited till detailed proposals to mark John La Rose have been finalised. Please read the Guardian obituary by Linton Kwesi Johnson. Of course the work and achievement of John La Rose should be honoured, But as I've suggested before, with far more ambition than a streetname.


On 23 November 2021 Haringey Council's Corporate Committee had yet another discussion on the renaming of Black Boy Lane. 

It's now online.

Two main points:
First, it's quite a lot of "same-old-stale-old" by Joe Ejiofor & allies.
Second, the outcome - following some legal advice - is still to respect new/continued public consultation.  Not simply to impose the change on residents. (As one councillor unwisely proposed and was rejected.)

*  *  * *
If people watch and aren't too bored and dispirited, the second part of the same meeting turned to the continuing scandal of the £12 million - yes you read that right - capital money wasted by the Council in the purchase of Alexandra House, Wood Green.  In this, Joe & his faction seem finally to concede that this was indeed a huge and unforgivable screw-up from when they ran things.

As you'll see in the video, they appear to be in agreement that since they of course are not to blame, the remaining question is which girls and boys did it and ran away.



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