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Constantly getting woken up at two/three am by a bin lorry at the top of our road (Gardens) collecting commercial waste from the backs of the shops/restaurants on Green Lanes.
Is it just us or are other people getting noisy visitors? Has anyone managed to get the council to do anything about it?

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I had this problem a few years ago when living in Crouch End (still Haringey so hopefully this will be helpful).  The businesses left their bins outside our house which was on a side street next to the alley at the back of the businesses on Crouch End Hill.  I complained and complained and eventually the manager of the waste service got in touch and explained that bin lorries are permitted to collect from main streets in the middle of the night but not side streets.  Business owners where instructed to move their bins to the main street each night.  This took a bit of policing (ie calls from me to the service manager every time it didn't happen) but in the end it did work.  Good Luck



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