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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Last week I caught someone rummaging through my wheelie-bin (Harringay Ladder). When challenged, they replied that they were looking for metal. Has anyone else had the same experience?

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Oh, so it's a bloody foreigner thing is it?

You should have the shredder regardless of whether anyone is interested in what you've binned or not..

BTW, it's either Haringey (the Borough) or Harringay (the area) - If I as 'a foreigner' can get it right - I'm sure you can

Yes Stephen. Next time you're over we're locking up our bins. (and for goodness sake, allow Kate a typo or two - for obvious reasons, I'm a great defender of the typoist or do I mean the Thai poets?)

Since when have you been so leniant on the Harringay /Haringey issue Hugh.. ?

I thought that was one of the things everyone had to sign up to here.. Knowing where they are !

Someone commenting on the fact that their experience of the person who is snooping through their bin having a foreign accent, does not equate to it being a "foreigner thing". Stop jumping to conclusions.

Why write it then?

Why not just say a woman and a child.. ?

No it's not a bloody foreigner thing. She had a foreign accent. Does the use of the term 'foreign' cause you offence?!! Wow. And thanks for the correction, I always get it wrong and always will, happily :)

When it's used as proof that she's doing no good..

Not sure why your happy about it, but OK .. if it makes you happy...

I think it's a bit mean to pick on Individuals over it and it was a pretty innocent typo. I guess I've gone soft too :)

again, jumping to conclusions! no one used it as "proof"....?

Sympathy for somebody getting picked up on their spelling, but little so far for somebody else having to pick through rubbish bins to provide food, shelter, cash.. for themselves and their children. I'd hate to think what the reaction would be if roles were reversed. Christmas is well and truly over and it's 'back to not in my front garden-ism', eh? #firstworldproblems indeed.



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