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Last week I caught someone rummaging through my wheelie-bin (Harringay Ladder). When challenged, they replied that they were looking for metal. Has anyone else had the same experience?

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Ah, the Buddhist teachings of your childhood.

You open your bin, OAE, and reveal . . . . colonialism, international capitalism and state capitalism, environmental activism, life, the Universe and entropy.

And at the bottom of your green box do I see a set of DVDs of your once-favourite recycling sitcom?

eh, you have to laugh..

I would have thought the minute anyone bins anything, the moment it slips from their fingers, that they then pass over their rights and responsibilties..

Once in the bin, it's the refuse company's rubbish isn't it?

A couple of 'rubbish' posters here: http://kampagne2011.trenntstadt-berlin.de/


But if it were, they would be stealing from the Council and depriving them of income from recycling.

I can see the point of objecting to someone violating the Englishman's/woman's Castle and estate.. But whinging over people recycling what has been chucked out just gets beyond me..

Pray when is this rubbish removed from your portfolios ? When it's dumped in the lorry or what..?

edit: that was cheeky John D - adding that second sentence!

i see it that when I throw something in the bin I am handing it over to the council to do what they like with. I do not throw something in the bin and expect it to be a free for all. I have given my consent to the council to do what they like with the rubbish but I have not given my consent to the bin raiders rummaging through the bins as and when they please. I think the things that make me less sympathetic or allowing to bin raiders is that:

a) they don't ask permission to search through my bins

b) they come onto my front yard without permission to go through the bin

c) when I see them in my front yard they do not make any effort to speak to me or ask if its ok for them to be there, they could at least try to interact in a pleasant way with the people whose bins they are searching through!

d) they make a mess sometimes and don't clear up!

If they made more effort to ask for permission to search through bins I reckon a lot more of us would let them without any hard feelings

yessir, I caught a woman and a small boy rummaging through our bins a few months ago. I went out and asked her if she lived in the building and she muttered something foreign. Her little boy (about the height of my leg) squared up to me, no he actually did, wielding a dvd box. I suggested that they make a quick getaway and never let me catch them appearing out of my bin again or I would hold them until the police came.

We need to keep on top of these people, if you see them just pop your head out of the window or go out and tell them to hoppit. They'll all soon get the picture.

Someone took two discarded matresses from our front garden. It was most convinient, stopped us having to rent a van to take them to the tip.

Did you know that mattresses are one of the things the Council will collect for free?

At Wigston Close Edmonton we found two guys sitting INSIDE the communal bins sorting through stuff and they had a home made bicycle trolley to help them take it all away....

One unforeseen glitch that could arrive from my cunning plan to deal with the bin problems...

Thanks all for your responses. Worryingly, it is clear that my experience was not an isolated incident. I saw two different people snooping through bins yesterday. Rather than shout at them, I dialled 101 and reported them. Unfortunately, I was told, "The police will probably not come out and investigate." Great...it seems that anyone can rifle through our bins with apparent impunity. Sad times.

yep, found a foreign sounding lady in my wheelie bin the other week rummaging through the bin liners (see post in charity shops thread). It isn't that I am against recycling, but these people are clearly invading privacy by going on to property that isn't theirs. Firstly, she was in my front garden, and would not leave despite me standing there asking her to so clearly has no respect for the laws of this country. Secondly, I am concerned that it stops at recycling old tat and am now considering buying a shredder to dispose of any correspondence. It's also not good for the general wellbeing of the area, I can't see it's adding to the attractions of Harringey in any way.



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