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Last week I caught someone rummaging through my wheelie-bin (Harringay Ladder). When challenged, they replied that they were looking for metal. Has anyone else had the same experience?

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Marc, check the 'theft from dustbins' tag I've added beneath your post for more on this topic.

Legend...thanks Hugh.

When you see televisions smashed in the passage this is the same thing, as with sinks sans taps. Copper is especially prized. Just be thankful you're not a government with a large amount of metal infrastructure just laying about waiting to be stolen.

Earlier this year, I left a bidet and two matching handbasins complete with all taps, etc in our front garden with a note attached saying 'help yourself' rather than smash up some perfectly good bathroom stuff at the tip. I was pleased when they all disappeared 2 days later but rather less pleased a day later to find all 3 items smashed up on the pavement outside the church at the top of Lausanne Road - stripped of all metal fittings.


I had a similar experience with a nice relatively new Glass coffee table that I was freecycling - it was outside for all of five minutes before someone dropped by, unscrewed the metal feet and then left the rest - which was useless, and had to sit in our entranceway for six months until the annual bulk rubbish collection...   

It could be worse though - back home they're stripping piping from flats... (In Lower Hutt, mind, this would never happen in Upper Hutt)


I dimly remember a line from a play where a character asks a guest: "So what do you think of our little home? We found it in a skip in Notting Hill."

I have photos of these bin raiders, they come round about once a week. 

Photograph them and report them. And tell them to get off your property, pronto. They're thieves.

I took their photo once and they stopped and got quite aggressive with me. I got quite aggressive back and yelled their registration number at them and they got back in their van and continued on their merry way paying close attention to everybody in Raleigh Rd's front gardens.

..and the police did nothing..?

Well, there's actually excellent precedent for this transnational extractive industry. Foreigners have been descending on developing regions like Harringay for centuries. They just sneak in when nobody's at home - often with the help of some local toadies - smash up the bits they don't want, grab the copper, iron ore, bauxite, rutile, diamonds - whatever they think they'll get a ready market for - leave destruction, waste and ugliness in their wake and make their getaway. I'm sure they're all Romanian or Bulgarian Roma or Irish tinkers Travellers, but often enough they disguise themselves as English, US, Canadian, German, Aussie or even Chinese business types - and, well over a millennium ago, they had the gall to turn up in longships pretending to be Nordic entrepreneurs. Report all the bastards - but to whom?



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