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Hi folks! Our Ukrainian guests (both adults, one man and one woman) would like to get hold of some bikes to help them get around without needing to spend their small resources on public transport. Does anyone have a bike gathering dust that they would be willing to part with? Not necessarily looking for a freebie, all options considered gratefully.

We're also exploring a few local and national organisations that might be able to help, but would rather help someone to declutter if possible!!

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I know not quite what you’re looking for, but Haringey Council runs a Try Before You Buy scheme

Thanks Julie.

Hi do you still need a bike? - have sent you a connection request.

Hi Joe, I've accepted your connection! Yes, still looking for bikes!

Contact Wheely Tots https://wheelytots.com/contact/ to see if they have any adult bikes in the right sizes. 

I think they should be eligible for help with travel costs?

For some reason cant cut and paste info from TfL site but people on Jobseekers allowance get a travelcard which gives them reduced price travel?

They qualify but it's not immediate and we're in a job interview phase that involves a lot of travel. They are also used to cycling everywhere.

I have a bike or two I would be happy to give them (for free). Not new and not light but in good working order (might need a mini-service). Collect from Crouch End.



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