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Just to let you know we had 2 bikes stolen from outside our house on Hewitt Road - chained to metal hoop concreted into the ground. Think there might be a spate of theft going round again.

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Also on Tiverton Road( not mine this time!) on Saturday morning and a few in the warehouse community on Overbury. Important to report on non emergency number.

Commiserations.  Any idea how they got through your more than adequate security?  I have the same ground anchor type device.  I would have thought using either an angle grinder or a sledge hammer, it would have made a helluva racket.

Shame. Keep an eye on www.bikeshd.co.uk - it lists both ebay and gumtree listings for bikes on sale in London. Also with checking out brick lane market on weekend mornings, it's where a while lot of stolen bikes end up. Tho is prob a bit late for that now. The met have a Cycle Task Force, who are I believe generally more helpful than the rest of the police in these situations.

If you Google "lfgss what to do if your bike is stolen" you'll get much more comprehensive advice, and links. Sorry can't link as on crappy phone. ..
I second the advice re bikeshd and actually they usually go on to the site some time after the bike has been stolen. We had 3 bikes taken last year. All had excellent locks but were cut with tools in the dead of night. One turned up on bikeshd and the police, who we had reported the bikes missing to immediately, helped us to retrieve it. The transport police were base at st Anne's which is obviously closed now.

I had my two stolen some time back form the front of the house. As a result they are now wheeled through to the back for storage, not ideal, but safe. Honestly, the number of times I have chased folks out from the front of the house who have walked in off the street to look under the tarp that was originally over the bikes as they checked them out.

Nothing is really safe out front, as even the best locks are vulnerable. Thieves use coolants like liquid nitrogen or compressed air to make the metal chain/ lock brittle and simply smash the lock/chain... Its not noisy and it is quick!

We had the Met at one of our Play Streets recently micro-tagging bikes, so that if they are stolen they can be returned if recovered. Might be something worth considering for future if you have not done this already, or if others have not done it! 

Really sorry to hear about this.

There was another post here a few months ago about on the street bike storage for people who can't bring bikes indoors/out the back - I'd love to see more of these in Harringay. 

If anyone is interested, this company rents the hangers out to Hackney and other boroughs - more information there, including suggestions about how to get a hanger in your area. There is already one hanger in the Gardens, but it is managed by the GRA (and all its spaces are taken).

12 bikes = 1 car space... And, as a bonus a tree if you are lucky!

I am ashamed to say that yesterday walking down Green Lanes I saw a young man with a hoddie on pushing a bike along that on closer inspection he was holding up by the back wheel because it was locked to the frame. I think he had lifted it off something. He was walking very fast but really I should have tackled him. I guess it's also an argument for the police actually having some presence on Green Lanes (not just the residential parts) because the local protection racket doesn't deal with bicycle theft.

Yep, don't tackle unless you are younger, fitter and knife-proof.  But you probably have a camera in your pocket. Taking a photo is less risky, even better if you can do it surreptitiously, or run into a shop.  He'll either chase you for it, in which case he'll drop the bike, but you have a headstart - win.  Or he'll hang onto the bike which will slow him down - win. Those blurry cctv images are on the whole much too low-res to be much use, but millions of people now have 10+ mp cameras on them all the time.

We also had a bike stolen from Beresford road at 9:30pm on 4/10/14. It was inside our house - The thief broke in through our back door and left via a front window. He also got away with all our jewellery and watches. It seems locking your bike inside your house can not even deter these horrible people. 



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