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Can anyone recommend any good independent bike shops near Green Lanes?

I need to get a broken mudguard fixed, and probably need my brakes replacing too.

(Yes, I know that these are relatively simple things to do, but I am really not at all good with basic bike maintenance!)

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Finsbury Cycles - on Seven Sisters Rd, about 100m south of Finsbury Park tube. Friendly and helpful.


If you can wait a week there is a new bike shop opening on Philip lane called bycycle box

Micycle N4 on Ferme Park Road are very good - i would highly recommend and they are very prominent in supporting the local primary school closest to the shop


Thanks for the suggestions so far, I know of Finsbury Cycles, almost on my way home from work, so I could try there. Or the other two might work on a weekend. Will look into them.

Yes either Jon at the caste climbing gym who is great, if he can do it. Otherwise i always use finsbury cycles, and they will do it straight away so i can go for a coffee whilst they do it



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