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Quick question: I have received notice from Haringey Council they are installing a bike hanger on my narrow street - directly underneath my single glazed sash bedroom window.

I do think they are a great idea, so please don't think I am against it. 

However, are there any noise issues? 


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They don't make any noise at all. They are well built and solid.

Thanks Laura - I was concerned it would be Sunday morning 7am slamming and banging of metal, esp in summer with the windows open.

The one at the top of Endymion Road has been clouted and severely bent by a vehicle. Bet that was a loud bang....

I find they run really silently because they don’t have an engine in them revving and polluting outside my house every morning obviously the odd door closing every now and then, they don’t have radios, CD players or alarms either, so I think you may find it beneficial to a more quieter life. 

You are lucky to get them - there is a long waiting list

Just an observation, have you seen how they spell "Bikehangar"?



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