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The council have recently placed one of their cycle sheds on Allison Road. Does anyone know if they consult local residents or make the decision based on demand in the said street? The reason I ask, we have had one added opposite our house, we were never consulted and there are NO bikes using it. This has had a knock

On effect for parking. I am yet to have been able to park outside my house since the cycle shed was installed. Very annoying as no bikes are actually using it. Keen to hear from anyone who knows more, thanks, Remy.

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In Hewitt, along with a number of other roads in the borough,  a resident requested one. In response households received the attached letter. I was copied in on the subsequent exchanges between a Hewitt resident and the Council. Below was the first:

Dear Resident,

Thank you so much for responding to our Bikehangar location consultation with suggested locations.  

We are currently analysing the consultation feedback and clearly we want to install Bikehangars at locations where they are welcomed.  We want to avoid placing Bikehangars in places where residents do not want them. It will be very helpful if you can let us know if you are willing to have a Bikehangar installed in the road outside your property.  

We will then finalise our priority list for this financial year and confirm whether your application has been successful.

Please email me to indicate yes or no to the question of whether you would accept a Bikehangar located outside your house or flat and please confirm the address.

Thank you very much for your helpYours faithfully

Michael Demosthenous

Project Engineer


Sustainable Transport

Haringey Council

River Park House, 225 High Road, London N22 8HQ

T. 020 8489 1694



The exact location wasn't consulted on to the best of my knowledge.

This page from the Haringey Cycling Campaign may fill in som gaps for you too. You'll see there's a copy of a traffic management order bout the siting of bike hangers published in a local newspaper. This suggests that there is a duty to consult or at least to give notice. I imagine there would have also been a similar notice for Allison Road. In doing this the Council has probably discharged its statutory duty, but good practice would suggest a rather higher level of engagement with those in the immediate vicinity of the proposed location.

As to its use, the Hewitt one got off to a slow start, but I think that it is now used. 



There was certainly some kind of consultation where we live in Seven Sisters which was reported on by the local residents' association. The cycle sheds take the space of about one car, so I wouldn't imagine they of themselves would create a parking nightmare in many streets. Our local sheds are fully occupied now, leaving me to rue not reserving a spot or two myself, against the backdrop of my wife's complaints about the bicycles which I have stored in our house

Yes I live near Seven Sisters too. Full occupation, though of course during the day they are empty.

I live on an estate though where there is no space in our flats for bikes and no gardens to store them in. We are not considered important enough for bike hangars either.

It's worth perservering with requests to cyclehoop. I think we only received notification of the plan to install one near us about 1 year after we first requested it. You could also email the environmental officer for Haringey.

We also received a letter from the Planning Department (I think) informing us that a request had been made to put one nearby and did we have any complaints? Given that it only takes one car space it's not a huge deal, and given that I had submitted a request to Cyclehoop to have a shed installed nearby, I was happy that it was actioned and that I subsequently successfully obtained a bike shed space. There is definitely demand for more than one shed in my area as some of my neighbours missed out on a bike parking spot.

Also, it might currently be empty because it takes a few days for people to apply for a key and then have it sent to them. So if it just appeared a day or two ago, bikes are unlikely to be locked into it for a week at least.

Out of interest, how much do you pay for your bike shed space?

I can't remember off the top of my head - something like £50 per year and £20 key deposit? Worth it for not having to drag a dripping bike through my house everyday!

All the details are on the Cycle Hoop website, including how to request a shed in your street!

When they offer the same facility for motorbikes I might be interested.

It's £30 per year and £25 one-off for keys. I do have a spot in it but am waiting for the keys at the moment (which could be why it's empty).

Car parking is strange. There are pretty much no other items of personal property where you expect to be able to leave them in the street. If I built a shed on the street there'd obviously be complaints, despite it taking up no more room than a car.

When did you apply for it? I'm applying for this one now as I just heard about it, but I guess I might be too late :(

It was a couple of months ago I think.



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