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Not sure if anyone's seen this, but its a lovely idea from the eden project -trying to get neighbours and communities together over a spot of lunch and local food. You can register your own lunch on your street and then rally round to get the street involved. Its a national event. I've registered Hewitt, be great if we could get a load of lunches happening in Harringay. Just click on and type in your postcode and either join or set one up.


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Have you seen this post Dan about an event next Tuesday talking partly on this topic?
ooh no. interesting. will be in wales though.
We couldnt get to last Fridays meeting... hope it was fruitful. But either Sarah or I will be at the meeting this Wednesday. Any jobs need doing beforehand?

I hope im not jumping the gun by circulating this - some of these things may already be in hand or are organised already. Here's just a few ideas to get things rolling for kit needed, and event suggestions. Feel free to add event suggestions - but remember that people will be needed to initiate them on the day... perhaps the best thing you can add to the event is your own activity to make the day a great success

Wish List of things needed / would be nice to have

An MC / compere!
Chalkboard and coloured chalks for timetable of events
Box of donated fabrics and textiles for lamppost decoration
Gazebos and blocks for pinning down / stabilising on a slope
Potted plants from gardens to kerb
Coloured chalks for pavement art
Banner making materials for banner at (each?) end of Hewitt Road
Tressel tables for food & swap shop
Chairs / garden furniture
Thick rope (for tug of war)
Amp/speakers for non-live music, mic for announcements/singers?
Picnic blankets
Extension leads for power supply at various sections
Recycling bins (resident loaned green boxes or designated wheelie bins)?
Rugs, carpets, comfy chairs, cushions for toddlers

Ideas for events

Tug of War
Dance competition for all ages and performance dancing
Decorate your lamppost competition (non-permanently of course!)
Egg and spoon race
Uphill 3-legged race
Acoustic music performances
Cake/biscuit/pudding competition
Story telling
Freecycling/swap shop stalls
Notice board for upcoming local events
great ideas Dermot - loving decorate your lamp-post.

all sorts of stuff being organised but wednesday a chance to finalise and take responsibilities for stuff - can you post any other replies on the hewitt road big lunch post - so people can see the discussion




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