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The New River riverbank hole today

Walking along the New River Ptah behind Wightman Road today, Gill and her dog George weer confronted with a big hole which has opened up about 100 yards north of the footbridge. Those of you who use the path regularly may well have heard the sound of water flowing tat that point for many years. Thanks water were made aware of the issue some while ago but have so far chosen not to attend to it. 

George supervising the police inspection

Gill and her neightbour have alerted both Thames Water and the police.

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The police are looking into it…

OK, I'll give you that - it's a good one!!

Thank you very much!  

It looks like the erosion may be active, Here's a photo received today. Compared with the original photo, where the hoel stopped where the grass met the path, it seems to have got quite a bit bigger. It now covers half of the path. 

See here.



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