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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Cashmobbers eager to spend their £10 notes at the Big Green Bookshop yesterday                                              Photo: Harringay Online


A crowd of between 70 and 80 arrived for the cashmob at the Big Green Bookshop. Each mobber was eager to spend £10 to give a one-time fillip to BGB's coffers but also to show their support for a valued local business and to help make sure it sticks around.

This was the third of this year's Haringey Cashmobs that began with the Harringay Market event back in September. Like the late summer event, yesterday's mob was organised by Harringay Online along with the Bowes Park and Bounds Green website.

After the initial rush had died down, Simon and Tim told me that their till had rung up an additional £700 compared with the same day last year. That's a great boost to any local business, but for me what's more important about these cashmobs is that they raise awareness of great local businesses and develop longer term relationships between them and local people.

Below is a short clip of Simon and Tim offering a few words of thanks to the mobbers.

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