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Haringey Council is promoting the The Big Community Switch service which aims to help households get a better deal for gas and electricity.

The Big Community Switch scheme is co-ordinated by ichoosr and aims to to make it easy for residents across the country to get cheaper energy by centralising and co-ordinating a collective switching scheme to secure the lowest cost energy tariffs.

The company has been running in Belgium and the Netherlands for some years. I'm assuming they make their money by taking a cut from the energy suppliers.

A council spokesman claimed that savings of £20-200 per year per household are quite realistic.

It works like this: residents sign up with no commitment on iChoosr's  Big Community Switch website by 8th April and on 9th April a reverse auction will allow energy providers to bid using lower and lower tariffs until the cheapest tariff wins. The kind of information you have to fill in will be very familliar to you if you've ever used any of the energy switch websites.

A note of caution: You're asked to give the name of your council and can't proceed until you do. As of this afternoon, the site doesn't recognise Haringey Council. Just type in 'Other" and you can proceed.

You will receive an email after 17 April with an offer, based on your usage and the best deal from the auction. You'll then need to say whether you want to accept the offer by 6 May.

The Council have funded Living Under One Sun to provide one-to-one support and information about collective switching and energy efficiency for residents who need a little extra support to take part.

SIgn up at iChoosr.com.


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Hi Kamila,

Is the coop a community lead incentive or an offer that has now expired?  If the offer is still available could you send me the link please?  I do things v last minute and this initative expires tonight, but judging by what people are saying it's probably not worth doing it and the Coop might be the way forward.  I am a relatively low user tho so would need to do more research.

The Coop is owned by its users and is part of the Cooperative brand that has the stores etc.  It entered the energy market last year as it won an auction which was coordinated by Which.  I took the opportunity to join and I cut my bills by £150.  They held this price for one year.  They have just given my new tariff and it has gone up, but is still the cheapest for me.  Here is the link.  On the website there is the ability to compare prices.


Good luck!!

Thank u Kamila - did the Haringey one tonight and like everyone else it's not a better deal than what I'm on.  Could you check your link again please - not sure it's the right one.  Wrestled with a few options but still couldn't get to work.  Might try google tomorrow

oh could you check that link for me again please Kamila - I've tried a few things with it

The link worked OK for me but just type in http://www.cooperativeenergy.coop and that will come up with the website and you can look around there and compare tarifs.  Or just type in cooperative energy into your search engine.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Thanks Kamila yes it works - but it's not cheaper for me so I'll stick where i am for the moment.  Thanks again.

Very interesting!  Who are you with currently?

Same here! I was wondering how many people had got the same result. Mine was only a couple of quid higher - but it was still higher and being presented as a 'better deal' than my current tariff which was true only when a discount was added for the first year.

Even with Sainsbury's 5% SWITCHING BRIBE FOR FOOLS, I'd make a 1.3% saving on year to July 2014; thereafter I'd make at least a 3.7% loss per year - or probably much worse. Some auction bargain! For my dual fuel tie-up I'd expect Insanesberries to offer 2-for-the-price-of-1.

But then what should we expect from anything signed by Klaire Kober & Joe GOLDberg?

We'll have a look at the Co-operative deal.

Eddie, IMO, the energy companies are as bad as each other and as bad as Satan'sBusy.

In the last few months I was subjected by an energy supplier to the old Bait-and-Switch marketing ploy – but I think most of them do it to some degree. i.e. offer an attractive deal through a price comparison site ... then a few weeks or months later, switch you to a grossly worse tariff – unless you take action to move to a merely significantly less attractive tariff (with the same company).

They rely on customers' inertia. Also, as with Satan'sBusy, they rely on confusion marketing that deliberately obfuscates value: by frustrating simple genuine, meaningful price comparison.



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