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As you may already know, the RSPB is encouraging as many of us as possible to take part in the Big Birdwatch - https://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch - and I am thinking of taking part by popping up to Finsbury Park and doing the count from there - if others would like to join me?

I only managed a brisk hour up there this afternoon but saw 23 readily-identifiable species of bird. In the mornings higher counts are almost guaranteed.

I am no expert but would be more than happy to share my very modest ability to identify birds with others and would also love to receive knowledge from others! So if you are interested in a communal bird count on Saturday - I am thinking about 9 - 10 am - please post here and let me know!


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Thanks for the invite - would have come, but busy this morning.

Shame, I have only just seen your post, otherwise I would have come. If you went, what did you see?

Hello HB

Really sorry i only just saw this. Friends of Railway Fields did a communal birdwatch on Saturday at Railway Fields too. We did publicise we'd do it on HoL, so let me know if we can do it differently so people like yourself see our posts! Mind you there was benefit in the end cos you did Finsbury Park and we did RF.

23 species is fabulous variety at Fins Park - I'd love to hear what you saw, and I see Cat below (hopefully not A Cat) would like to know too - do post or get in touch. In one small area of Railway Fields we recorded over an hour  5 species (magpie, wren, robin, bluetit, great tit) .  next year it would be a good idea to position people in different areas of RF as I know for a fact we have terrific variety of beautiful birds here.   

Mary (For Friends of Railway Fields) 



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