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My bike was stolen so I'm looking for a replacement - something cheap and cheerful but in working order, sized for someone 5'11". Thanks.

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Hi Paul

I have something although may not be quite what you're looking for. I've sent a connection request! 

Thanks for the reply anyhow. What is it that you've got?

Depends on what style you're after and what you mean by cheap and cheerful but I'm looking to flog my 6KU bike, with Brooks saddle and bullhorn handlebar. Standard flat bar also available. 

Flip flop hub so you can use it either as single speed (which is how it's always been) or as a fixie. Good gear ratio for getting around town unless you have a lot of hills to climb.

I'm 5'11" myself.

Thanks. I work from home all the time so I my main reason for wanting a bike is to get out and exercise. Where I live in Hornsey there are some steep hills so I've been cycling up the hill to see how far I can get, and getting higher each time before I can't go any further. I'm not getting any younger so I am trying to get fitter - especially as I am less active due to not cycling into central London five days a week. As for cheap and cheerful, I've had too many bikes stolen so I'm past the point of spending too much on a bike only for it to be nicked. That does look like a great bike, which I would love to own, but which would attract thieves more than something older and cheaper looking.

Not really making a case for my own bike, but just sharing my thoughts on this topic: It seems that thieves go for brands they recognise ie. more mainstream. Not that I expect anyone in that trade to be a Mensa member. Also, if you aren't commuting then maybe you don't need to leave it locked up anywhere. And finally, in addition to locking the front wheel hub I've made my saddle hard to steal plus I just stick a cheap rain cover on it to avoid attracting attention to the saddle :) 

In any case, hope you find something that works for you and that you manage to ride as often as you want!

Cheers. Yes, the one that was recently stolen was a Specialized. But over the years I've had bikes of all types stolen. From a 1980s Raleigh to a bike that had every milimetre of the frame covered with stickers of punk rock bands. The difficulty is that living in a typical London flat means not having enough space to store it out of sight of potential thieves.

Ah if you can't keep it inside then yes all bets are off :(

why not start a campaign for a bicycle hanger in your road?Sure your neighbours would support it?

We have one. It's full up. Every hanger in Haringey is full up - there's a waiting list (how long is the list is anyone's guess). I've emailed the people who do the hangers but they didn't reply. I think I need to get people involved, yes.

The one in our road filled immediately - theres now another next to it and one at the end of the road too - sorry you didnt get any reply from?Cyclehoop

Nothing back from Cyclehoop. I contacted the council about it today though. And I'll contact Cyclehoop again. Then I'll consider bringing up the subject on our street's Facebook page and organising for more people to do the same. Cheers.

All power to your typing fingers!



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