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Luckily I saw the situation delevoping on RealTimeTrains & OpenTrainTimes and managed to a warning out to most of those attending our meeting and tweeted out the cancellations until I left home. TfL tweeted out nothing. They were more worried about a points failure at Bethanal Green! I travelled to our meeting via Hackney Downs/Central/Stratford/West Ham. Came home on the Goblin though.

Here is our press release on the disruption issued on 30/08/2018


Glenn Wallis, Secretary, Barking - Gospel Oak Rail User Group, barking-gospeloak.org.uk, @RidingtheGoblin

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There has been an article in CITY:A.M (30 August) reporting on the chaos on the line including Wednesday 29 August



Thanks as always for the information Glenn.  The treatment of the GOBLIN as the poor relative of the London network continues as normal then!

I'm afraid that things are only going to get worse, especially after 30 November when the 7x2-car diesel trains move to the West Midlands. At best passengers will either have a limited service of new 4-car electric trains, or at worst closure and replacement buses and we all know how useful they are!

As TfL have rubbished our press release (above) to the Waltham Forest Guardian


I would just like to state that BGORUG stands by the entire content of our press release and feels rather sad that TfL is in such a dire position that it needs to stoop to such tactics.



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