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Beware- Roads are closed around Turnpike Lane following a murder earlier this morning

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Yes and my view remains unchanged. 

Well said, Devon.

I've just been on a call with some local police officers and faith leaders in response to this incident. Obviously nobody wants to let the bodies pile high. The police are planning a public meeting as a way of helping us all understand the pressures these young people are under and how we can all be part of a long-term solution. I can relay the information when I know more.

I'm willing to support them in this. Let's remember that there's a bereaved family in our community somewhere who lost a loved on this morning.

I’m not blaming the young people here, but I do think if the response is to try and outsource responsibility to the wider public rather than the appropriate agents of the state to address the issue we won’t see things improve. 

The words from the police are as meaningful as “thoughts and prayers” are in America 

Unless you have a Police State and armed Officers patrolling every road.

It will never stop

As been following recent reports on Police / Agency operations on Country Lines

As soon as they stop one gang, another appears over night

Another issue is that Offenders caught and charged are mostly given Police Bail. Which means they are back on the streets in Hours. Even when using a weapon

Prayers for those effected

That’s a rubbish argument. Can you stop it completely? No. Can you limit the violence (and keep more people alive in the process) absolutely.

Otherwise Haringey would be like Honduras and El Salvador for gang violence 

Thanks for the update, Pete. 

I walked through TPL bus station just before midnight last Saturday (20th) and the area behind the tube station was busy with young men standing around in groups, doing brisk business on their mobiles while cycle couriers picked up deliveries from them.  It is utterly blatant, open and covered by CCTV.

I have no idea if this latest murder was drug related but there is a real sense of lawlessness in the area by the tube station and around Duckett’s Common even during daylight hours.  Whatever the police have planned for the area it has to be about more than just moving what has turned into a market place to another location.

I agree Michael,

but I think it would take a change in the law

There is a tall CCTV mast at the junction of Willoughby Road and Turnpike Lane very close to the subway entrance to the Tube station but I thought it was for traffic, since there are almost always some road users approaching the TPL/GL junction either from Turnpike Lane or from Westbury Avenue who delight in jumping the lights when they turn red.

This camera mast doesn't seem to have put a stop to this so I guess it might be for anti-social activity in the Ducketts Common area. Before the first pandemic lockdown in March last year, this common was a drop-off area for street beggars bussed in early in the mornings by Eastern European controllers based in the Edmonton area but I'm happy to say this seems to have stopped now.  

I think that's a mobile phone mast, not CCTV. It must be handy for the dealers, helping them keep in contact with their suppliers and clients :-)

It's got cameras attached to the top.



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