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My husband was accosted by a horrible woman offering her services on the corner of Ducketts Common and Frobisher this morning. I was walking along behind him and she was obviously asking any man walking past. Black hair, brownish complexion and the short skirt you'd expect. Saw her doing same outside Jam in the Jar earlier in the week mod morning.

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I'm glad Stav came back with a response, that explains why you were so upset.  I also noticed the lady in question from the top deck of  a bus at about 9.40 in the morning, as the behaviour was tha odd. I though she might be asking for a cigarette but definitely approaching every bloke walking by. This was before the original post.  It is sad that it gets to the point in someone's life when this happens, no judgement on my part but the lady definitely needs help.  As  per another post in the thread, the men should be prosecuted but in the meantime hopefully she gets the short term help she needs.  On another point whilst I've heard mention of brothels in the area in the not to recent pass, and even touting on Green Lanes, I have never seen it myself or heard it mentioned  on HoL till now.  A sad sign of the times.

Devon - Of course there is an alternative.  There are countless examples of those who overcame poverty and racism to build a good life.  To use those two things as an excuse for turning to crime is to insult those who did not.

I saw this woman again today. She was engaging potential customers on the corner of Frobisher and Green Lanes. The added tragedy is that she is now clearly at least 4 months pregnant. I pray for the child.

This has been worrying me. I think of the risks to the poor child. Does anyone know who deals with this sort of thing? Should the situation be reported to social workers or the police? 

Lockdown has put me, at least optically, in my second trimester. You might be being a little 'hysterical', Stav.

Stav is making a serious point here, it's not a laughing/punning matter, particularly when using that so-19th century 'hysterical' reference. It won't do. 

"at least optically, in my second trimester"   Best case: if that clumsy comment above means you're overweight you know what to do. It won't involve birth unlike Stav's post - since you appear to be genetically XY from your sign-in.

"Hello, Police? Yes, I'd like to report an undesirable who might be pregnant."

"I'm sorry ma'am, we can't help. Funding for our Eugenics Officers was cut when Mr. Cummings left No. 10." 

This thread is an absolute joke. Stave's reporting quite a serious issue on Green Lanes, prostitution, which involves at least one vulnerable female who is need of support- at this point we do not know anything about this person, if she works alone or with other women, if she is forced by her abusive partner to do so, if she is funding her drug habit, if she is forced by a gang and so on.

Instead of figuring out what can be done first people start bullying Stav because she used the word "horrible", and because she is a woman as well she seems to 'betray the sisterhood'. She is also getting bullied because she walked behind his husband. While others are making inappropriate comments/jokes. And just scrolling down a little bit more I find that a thread turned into some kind of political conversation about Priti Patel and immigrant parents. 

What is wrong with you, people? Sorry, this is sickening to watch.

Well said, 'Steve'

Yes, well said, Steve.



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