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My husband was accosted by a horrible woman offering her services on the corner of Ducketts Common and Frobisher this morning. I was walking along behind him and she was obviously asking any man walking past. Black hair, brownish complexion and the short skirt you'd expect. Saw her doing same outside Jam in the Jar earlier in the week mod morning.

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Seen it too. She seems to live in that house with the alcoholics loitering on the front steps between the lighting shop and Effingham opposite the crossing.

A worrying development.

Not good. Squatters now hookers. 

They're probably think there's more cash in Harringay. No one's got anything left in Tottenham.

I wonder if her pimp knows about the furlough scheme

Yes this isn't new. Over the past few years there have always been prostitutes hanging around on Green Lanes. What can I say really, they need to make a living too I guess. 

Alternative Headline: 'Sex workers boost Green Lanes economy in difficult times'

Interesting that Ms Aristides walks behind her husband rather than alongside. My wife has always insisted on accompanying me side-by-side, to reduce the risk of unsolicited attention. It seems to work - I never get asked.

What exactly should we beware of? A desperate woman?

Anybody else you'd like to include in your long list of undesirables?

I'm sure you'd like used condoms, human excrement, anti social behaviour, violence and the drug paraphernalia that accompanies street prostitution on your doorstep.

Yes its about time men stopped exploiting women and girls!

Have to say I find the language here rather unfortunate - we’re talking about human beings here. Yes - I don’t want prostitution around green lanes - but that doesn’t prevent empathy for someone who is clearly in a vulnerable and difficult space.

The prostitutes are not the problem. It's the men who buy their services who should be run off the streets.



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