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Hi HoL

Looking to get a men's haircut on green lanes. Anyone got preferences? I'm in my late 20s so anybody a similar age with a good experience, it would be good to hear. 

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I usually go to iCut, but take this advice with some caution, I am in my early 40s...just

A number of conversations linked via a tag under your post, Tim.

Thanks all. Neil your suggestion comes with good comments on Qype too so I might try there.

I've been to MP4 in Crouchie and been happy with them, but they're booked all weekend hence the search!

My boyfriend went to Messy Cut and got a lovely hair cut and deluxe facial/shave for £20.  He raved about it and has vowed to go every month!

Tim I totally disagree with the previous advice you got about not rating any of them.  Turks have a really strong tradition of hairdressing and some of them are excellent and much cheaper than Crouch End. I'm fair haired and that's not a problem at all for a quality hairdresser.

I go to Coco, which is owned by Nedim. He always cuts my hair and I'm a fussy bugger. I wouldn't let any of the Crouch End places near it, especially for their prices. Nedim's a superb hairdresser and although obviously more expensive than a bog-standard barber it's much cheaper than going to a really fancy place. I would highly recommend it, especially if cut by Nedim himself (who only works weekends). He's the ONLY person who's ever managed to deal with my very tricky double crown that normally sticks out like a sore thumb. Very classy cut.

Some of the other places, although not as good for a haircut, are great for a shave when you fancy indulging yourself!

Thanks everyone for continuing the discussion. I am really pleased with the cut I had at Vitor - although my ears are a lot colder now. It was £16 and I would def go back. I'm not sure whether I had Vitor himself but he told me they'd just celebrated 2 years in their Stroud Green location so he must be doing ok!

I'm not averse to a Green Lanes cut, I'm interested to hear that Messy Cut was good as I always go across the road to ReStyle for a Turkish shave. Their prices are good but I was in need of a strong recommendation at short notice so I didn't want to take a risk.

My husband goes to Vintage Hairs .there great at cutting gents cuts . There is a male barber every monday called Fortis .very good also the girls are very good too and they are open on sunday . Vintage is next to haringay station 0203 0926519.

10 now, all about vintage hair. Spam.

I'm 29 and recently 'took the plunge' at Messy Cuts.  I would recommend it...I used to live in East London and go to Jack the Clipper and pay 22.  Messy cuts was pretty much a carbon copy even down to ear hair burning and similar uniform.  They didn't lop too much off and it was a decent standard of cut.  And at 14 smacks...what is there to complain about!?  I am now a reformed hairdresser snob!  

Just been to Messy Cut for the first time, I have to say its up there with the barber shop I used to goto in Angel and Pall Mall.

They wash your hair before and after a cut which is perfect for me, the use a blade to finish off the trims and they also burn the hairs off your ears.

The service was really good and the staff all came across really friendly.  Cant go wrong for £14



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