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Can anyone recommend bespoke bike storage for the front garden? I would like this to be installed along the perimeter of the garden facing the pavement. 

One example of this is Bikebox London, however their pricing is beyond what I am looking to pay. 

Appreciate any recommendations. 

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Before I retired I fitted a couple of Asgard bike sheds for people on the Ladder. I was impressed by their clever design. 

I also looked at Bikebox but also decided they were too pricey. https://www.brightonbikesheds.co.uk/ is what I'm looking at at the moment. They do full bespoke but you can also have the standard shed sizes amended for free (up to about 6") which is probably what I'll go with. No direct experience with them yet though.

I've got a Brighton shed. They look great, and the bespoking is very handy if you have an odd-shaped bay window in the way. But I would suggest asking them to put extra security measures in - I had a determined thief break in a few weeks ago in the middle of the night by prying some of the slats loose, undoing the bolts and then bypassing the lock. Once they're in, providing you do what they reccommend and fix your bike to the solid bar with a motocycle chain there's not much they can do without industrial tools, but it's annoying because the shed is still broken! 

I emailed Brighton, and they repaired it, installed an extra lock, and put ply and some reinforcing behind the slats for £100, which I thought was very reasonable - maybe overkill in some parts of the country but for London at the moment I think it's worth it, not least because as people are starting to buy more e-bikes the likelihood of a payoff is greater.  

What I like about Bikebox is they are installed along the front of the perimeter rather than being hemmed into the bay window at the side. I need to be able to fit a number of bikes too. Another company I have been looking at is The Bike Shed Co. They are more expensive than Brighton but they also look sturdier and more secure. They both do bespoke options so will make enquiries. 

Thanks for the advice Malc and sorry to hear about the break in. 

Invest in digging it in a bit, mine is a step down 6 inches or so and it makes the profile visible from the street much lower. I like to think it is why nobody has broken into it yet and lots of other bike sheds have.

What did you settle on in the end Nick? I'm trying to find something compact, secure, and not too expensive for my front garden. 

This page is quite good for finding a compatible sizes...


But I'm yet to find anything secure that's in my price range. 

These ones seem reasonable...


But they're the wrong size!



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