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Be one in a million and give nature a home where you live

The RSPB's new campaign to get a million homes to create space for wildlife offers simple ideas and activities for making where you live a haven for nature. 

From avoiding chemicals to adding water, there are lots of ways to turn your garden or balcony into a 'des-res' for nature. Here's a useful quick read on top tips for being wildlife friendly.

Get ideas from the Giving Nature a Home website

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Growing old-style flowers is another tip.  Fancy double blooms may look spectacular but bees can't get their tongues inside, so they are no use for them.

I spent a day at the tail-end of the Chelsea Flower Show last month (as a Groundwork volunteer) and realised afterwards that I had not seen a single bee all day. The emphasis on new varieties, obviously the priority of the plant breeders, means our old-style insects lose out.



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