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Couldn't resist posting this photo of Grand Parade in the snow. I took it about 20 years ago, possibly more. Barnabys was a wonderful Greek Cypriot bakery, where I used to bump into Cypriots from all over London coming all this way to do their shopping here. The Old Suffolk punch was a wetherspoon, but it was the "posher" pub on the parade before the Salusbury got renovated. It was actually a very chilled place to meet a friend for a quiet drink and catch up.

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This hazy air of fond nostalgia about Barnabys and the Old Suffolk Punch astounds me. This isn't ancient history - surely they were both still there till last weekend? 

I blame this loss of public short-term memory on the Great Green Lanes Regeneration Tsunami. Shouldn't the local Library launch an Orature & Folklore Retrieval Archive of now fading reminiscence of Harringay-Green Lanes from the 2010-2015 era?  Shouldn't all this form essential Social Studies & Built Environment modules in Key Stages 2,3 & 4 of local schools' curricula?

You're right OAE. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be. Sigh...

Are you sure about the Suffolk being Rumbellows I'm sure it was on the opposite side of the road further down more
My mum use to have a business in harringay and she's sure it was hills or something like that, I was too young to remember it myself.

There are planning applications from 1985 and 1986 that are looking to convert 12 Grand Parade from a bakery to a Estate Agents / Food Outlet for "Old Suffolk Punch". There was a TV / Electrical place called "Visionhire" on the Salisbury side of Marks, (The Chemist).  

Really liked the Old Suffolk Punch, it was a new type of pub back in its day. Before I lived here, would visit friends and go there, it was cool and cheap too. Used it a lot when I first moved here and my mum when she visited used to want to go there on an evening. Very sad when it slipped into decline and became 'rough'. It used to be the Salisbury that was rough but the situation reversed. 

Sad to lose a nice old boozer! Too many have gone and those that remain have had to become gastropubs. 

The lack of intrusive music was a plus, as were the cheap deals for food and the real ales. Like the Toll gate and the White Lion this attracted real locals as opposed to the slightly up themselves crowd in some other establishments. Latterly there was a smell which put me off but it smelt like a big problem with the drains, which was never sorted out. Yet it was always crowded and was surprising that Mr Martin decided to close it.

I used ro work at The Old Suffolk Punch when I first moved to London in 1987, it closed while I was working there, without warning, I turned up one night and it was just shut.

I also worked at Mariellas in the late '90s as a waitress, not the easiest boss I ever had! Don't know what happened to Mariella but I have fond memories of the place.

Didn't it close because of some trouble/crime? I seem to remember a serious incident or two. Shame though. I'd rather have the pub than another bookies. 

It closed for a time first when they extended it into where Ladbrokes is now. It closed completely when Wetherspoons restructured the company and shut down their smaller pubs. I cannot ever remember any trouble in there.  

I must be getting it mixed up with somewhere else. 

I think it was shut due to piping or that's what I was told, it was cheaper to close the pub done rather then re pipe the whole pub



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